QO-100 Live with Remote SDR V5 from my home

  • I don't have a stabilized LNB. The stabilization is done by Remote SDR tracking the beacons. You have to tick the case 'Auto Correction' to run this process. Then you will have the beacons well centred.

    I know and agree that Remote operation (transmission) is not allowed. Here ( https://f1atb.fr/index.php/2022/05/15/qo-100-live/) I share only the receiver as any websdr. After, at home if you have an SDR (example Pluto) connected by Ethernet to SDR console on your PC, it's remote transmission. The main point, is to be closed to your system to switch it off in case of problem. It's how I use Remote SDR.

    The key point, with Remote SDR, is that you have a low data rate, and you can scan the band on your tablet sited in the living room using your local Wi-Fi. You use a simple web browser and install no specific software. In addition, I recommend on my website ( https://f1atb.fr/index.php/2022/02/11/qo-100-transceiver/ ) a very simple and efficient system to switch off the power in case of software bug or communication bug.