Pluto and Linux Driver

  • Surely any drivers would need loading into the operating system, rather than the Pluto? I have used three different USB to LAN converters, none needed drivers loading under Windows, but not being a Linux user, maybe that particular OS needs them?

    Did the converter come with drivers or a link to where they can be downloaded from?

  • All,

    Thanks for reply but I didn't express myself well.

    My pluto is now connected to my PC via USB running SDRconsole.

    I want to connect the Pluto directly to my lan.

    The pluto is connected by a USB OTG adapter cable to the USB Ethernet adapter. By the additional port of the Y cable the USB - Ethernet adapter and the pluto are powered by a 5V power supply.

    The Pluto is not been seen in the network.

    I followed the instructions of DD1US, you can find the info via following link: Connecting the ADALM Pluto to the Local Area Network v4.pdf (

    I discussed this with Matthias during Ham Radio Fair last weekend in Friedrichshafen, we think it could be a driver problem.

    All info welcome.

    Best 73 - Rudi - ON7CL

  • Try plugging the adapter directly into the Pluto's USB port and 5V directly into the Pluto's power port, forget the OTG cable for now. It should then be ping'able and appear on the network without any further action. Some OTG cables don't pass data to where you might expect them to...