DATV-Easy with Arduino PTT/Monitoring

  • HI

    Has anybody setup an Arduino to work with DATV easy to monitor their PA? In conjunction with the monitoring option in the software.

    My software writing skills are zero so would anybody who has this working be able to share their Arduino sketch with me? I can usually work through a sketch to make required changes to work with my setup.

    73 Keith GU6EFB

  • Dominique has supplied an Ino for an Uno with Easy V1.25.

    And also for the 2.06 where he made several changes, a new ino sketch was supplied...

    I run Node-red on a raspberry witch is more easy to change/update " on the fly"

    witch communicates with the easy front and back...

    I use the same raspberry for Longmynd client and for pluto network capabilities.

    And i got my older RPI3 from the shelf doing al this work.


  • Hi Benno

    Thanks for the reply.

    As I have said my programming skills are basically zero so with Easy V1.25 ino sketch do you need to add your own code in the sections to monitor voltage and current etc as with the code as supplied all my values displayed are incorrect.

    Also where do you get a copy of Easy 2.06 as I have not seen it for download yet?