DATV-Easy 2.09 and FreeStreamCoder 2.90

  • Hello,

    A new version of DATV-Easy 2.09 is in preparation:
    - modification reset watchguard and ARDUINO program
    - Add QO100 rx frequency display
    - Added rolloff 0.15
    - Choice of squared or not Watts measurements in param.ini file
    - Modification "Automatic image" in "All automatic" for audio also (memorization)
    - Modification PTT button > remains engaged regardless of Stop
    - auto PCR threshold setting
    - reset AD9361 Pluto on exit
    - application of new parameters by pressing "START +" again

    To output a udp stream for the Portsdown FreeStreamCoder is sufficient because DATV-Easy allows you to drive the Lime mini directly via USB.

    >> I just upgraded FreeStreamCoder 2.90 with the same settings as DATV-Easy.
    Here is the link:

    73 Dominique F1EJP