LMR-400-75 and F types where to buy in EU

  • Hi Conrad,

    the 75 Ohm cable from the LNB to your down converter or SDR is not critical as typical LNB's have around 60dB of gain. With only 10m of cable, absolutely no problem.

    The only reason to use better quality cable would be if you need a better shielding, for example when you are close to a mobile network operating in the 800-900 MHz IF of the LNB. Perhaps look for cables with good shielding designed for outdoor.

    There are a lot of good SAT-Shops, but Amazon should also do fine. Reichelt.de is also a good resource.

    73s Peter

  • Hello Peter, shielding and weatherproofing is my main concern. I see lots of foil and braid shielded cables but the braid always seems poor. Of course unlike my other systems the sat system will be fixed so I do not have to worry so much about foil cracking. This is a big issue for my other systems with rotators.

    I expect that I will have to add some additional attenuation!

    73 Conrad PA5Y