HSModem want a dedicated output device?

  • Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I apologize if this question has already been discussed, I searched the forum but couldn't find any help.

    The question is about HSModem setup: when I try to set my radio's audio input as the output for the HS modem, the software tells me it is not available. The channel is a USB audio device. I receive from a different audio (VAC coming from a SDR# instance) with no issues.

    I have other programs targeting that channel (WSJT-x, MSSTV etc) but they are not active. The device is declared not to accept exclusive access. OS W10.

    Any trick is welcome.

    Pietro I2OIM

  • Hello Pietro,

    the selected output of HSModem needs to be an output device. You can use a soundcard output and connect it with a patchcable to the input of a soundcard but you cannot choose the input of the soundcard as the output of HSmodem.

    Therefore it easier to use a virtual audio cable (in my experience VAC works best).

    Kind regards



  • I beg your pardon if I'm bak after a while...

    I receive from SDR# through a virtual cable (VAC) as you suggest. I'm tryng to trasmit via my ft818 via an external audio device. This configuration are working well with FT8, SSTV, KG-STV and fldigi. But HsModem does not allow me to send the output to the radio. Has I to ut a VAC here, too? Why? Or maybe I have to adjust somethisng as bitrate or othere?


    Thanks for any help.

    Pietro I2OIM