• Hello everyone,

    New version V2.17 compatible with LimeSDR mini, PlutoSDR with manufacturer firmware and Pluto with F5OEO firmware.

    New compared to version 2.16:

    - Switch to ffmpeg version 6.0

    - Added old firmware versions F5OEO (ex 2908)

    - Added Rolloff 0.10

    - Added visualization encoding speed must be > 99% to avoid drops

    - Added H266 VVC Experimental codec only soft coding is available: monitor CPU load!

    >> don't forget to switch with soft encoder and in non-automatic settings

    >> BEWARE experimental only start with small bitrate and low fsp 66KS or 125KS and 8fps then gradually increase

    >> The newer your CPU, the better your results will be

    To receive the H266 >> supply "DecodeH266" file for h266 decoding in UDP with ffplay or VVCeasy

    good test

    73 Dominique F1EJP

  • Hi Rolf

    Did you uninstall the previous version ?

    Your Screenshot DATV Easy 2.17.jpg is not available on the forum......

    73 From



  • Hi Roll

    Sorry for the late reply, if the problem still exists it looks like a corrupted file.

    - uninstall all pass CCLEANER

    - download the setup again

    - reinstall with antivirus disabled

    Or maybe driver problem of graphic card, what is your choice of encoder in configuration ?

    -maybe look if you have the lasted driver of GeForce GTX 1650

    - test on soft encoder to see if the bug persists

    73 Dominique F1EJP

  • Dominique:

    Good morning. Would it be possible to reprogram un the DATV-Easy (2.17) the power output setting ( 0 to 100) more finely? For example, increase by 1 by 1, or 5 by 5, etc, or directly increase the power. The are problems with the fine running .

    73, a de Jabi, ea2aru.