No TX until TX Filter changed after start-up?

    • Hi all,

      This must be something I am doing wrong, as I have searched the forum and find no mention of this issue.

      SDR Console 3.3 / Pluto Plus / CN-0417 Preamp / DX Patrol 12w Amp.

      When I first power up the Pluto+ and run SDR Console I can’t get any TX on voice or tone. The TX button changes colour and I am showing a modulated signal or tone with ALC in the red but I am just not putting out anything.

      If I go to RADIO / TX Filter and change it up or down by any amount even 1 position the SDR Console does some sort of refresh and I can TX without any issue until I power cycle the Pluto and SDR Console at which point I have to cycle TX Filter again.

      What am I doing wrong please?