Pluto & SR500 interrupted

  • Hello to all,

    I`m testing my DATV setup locally in 437Mhz. I have two laptops, one Tx, and second one for Rx.

    Tx I have Asus Ryzen & Nvidia 1660Ti, Obs recording to Pluto REV C in sticker / REV D IN Pcb. Pluto FW 0303 & IS0GRB v. 2.1

    Running Pluto over WLAN router from Asus, Pluto abt. 3mtr away.

    Rx, there is Minitiouner Pro V2 and HP laptop running Scan&Tioune.

    SR 250, SR333, and SR1000 work ok, but not SR500.

    No matter what parameter I change, stream is cutting every 3 to 5 seconds.

    Is Edge TS stream analysis is fine, no red balls.

    Another minor thing is, that Pluto control does not save memories.

    73 de Ismo, oh1nhw

  • Hello Ismo,

    Still lots of posible reasons.

    I sounds a TS null packets problem but it can be Network related and so many other issues..

    I advice to find a datv easy or datvred install.

    These programs take away the TS filling and might resolve your problem...

    But again so many other issues..

    I might be able to help online via anydesk.

    PM me for more