• Hello,

    New version V3.08 now compatible with HackRF One > Thanks to SV9IOQ for is help

    and always the LimeSDR mini, PlutoSDR with manufacturer firmware and Pluto with F5OEO firmware.

    New compared to version 3.05

    - Added support for HackRF SDR over USB

    - Better support for opening and closing ffmpeg window if box checked.

    - Fixed bug on AV1 soft coding which crashes..

    - No need to manually install Eclipse Mosquitto anymore

    - b_ref_mode disabled for certain NVIDIA cards that crash.

    - Graphic redesign with separate PTT Tab and Monitoring Tab

    - Added reading of Device parameters for Pluto DVB2 version: Pluto version, Firmware version, temperature, buffer

    - Added automatic start possible for OBS

    - Added possibility to adjust ffmpeg preset parameters > faster for slow PC or reduce latency or slower for better quality!

    - Added opening x y coordinate setting in param.ini file

    73 Dominique F1EJP