In-Orbit Test (IOT) of Es’hail-2 AMSAT P4-A transponders

  • As most of you have already noticed, the In-Orbit testing (IOT) of the P4-A ham radio transponders on Es’hail-2 have started.

    Like everyone, we are very excited by the received signals so far and we do appreciate any monitoring and receiving reports from the amateur radio community. We are happy to see how much interest and enthusiasm this satellite already created in our community.


    :!:Please be reminded, that under no circumstances Uplink attempts should be done!:!:

    Any unsolicited transmissions will delay the commissioning and maybe even worse, might influence our good relation with Es’hailSat during this project.

    for more:…2-amsat-p4-a-transponders

  • Hi Peter, how are you ..... I hope well, anxious to know the ignition of the transponder, I think you and the team in Qatar to activate the ground control station ...... I wish you good work .. ..

    I wanted to ask about the P3-E for a future, I was lucky enough to operate on AO-40 with the dear Dom I8CVS and other Italian OM ......

    Thanks for your attention.....

    Cordial greetings_______Maurizio Boschetto ______- IW9EZO

  • Hi Maurizio,

    thanks for the good wishes.. we are also very excited indeed.

    Our equipment for the ground control station arrived in Qatar and we hope to travel soon to Qatar for installation and the opening ceremony.. But we might still have to wait a few more weeks..

    With P3-E unfortunately no progress. The hoped launch opportunity in US did not materialize..

    best 73s Peter

  • maybe we can ask a ride to Elon Musk for the next test flight. Together with Tesla our satellite would be in good company.;)

    Lucio you are right ! The oppotunity for the PIII satellites may be test launch of rockets. It's clear that we assume high risk, for this reason Amsat may evaluate to built two or three unit, simplified to reduce cost, for example with only 1 trasponder. Decision about frequency isn't simple but can get major opportunities for all radio amateur.

    Or not ?

  • The dream of P3E is over. If you won a few million Euro in Lotto (Euromillions) then you can make the dream true.

    This are the latest infos about it:…e-satellite-announcement/

    If I understand Bob McGwier N4HY from Virginia Tech in a "-BB"-discussion long time ago correctly, the electronic modules inside P3E are too old now to start into orbit. They only need the spaceframe from the satellite. Peter, you can correct me, if I'm wrong.

    73 Thomas

  • Hi Thomas and all,

    this had nothing to do with "old" modules. The Launch Opportunity from US Government with their payload simply disappeared.... which was a big disappointment for all involved. Some people believe there might be another one coming up.. So far, P3-E is still in Bochum, as it was reported in AMSAT-DL Journal and otherwise.

    Regarding SpaceX launch opportunities.. I had first direct contacts with Elon Musk in 2008, followed by a SpaceX representative visiting AMSAT-DL in Marburg a few month later to discuss possibilities..

    At that time we hoped to make a launch contract for P5-A, payed by the german government, which would also include the launch of P3-E. The P5-A project was cancelled by DLR some time later.

    Unfortunately there were and there are no free launches (anymore), but we still kept contact over the years.

    One day before the P4-A launch I had a chance for a longer meeting with a well known person from SpaceX and we talked about test flights as well. SpaceX had customers on earlier test flights, but they changed the policy to not launch any "customer" payload anymore on such test flights. Perhaps because they fear too much bad feelings and bad press when such a test flights fails..

    Technology, Knowledge, Tools (for design, simulation, etc.) and quality have so much improved over the last decades, that they just need only a single test flight before going into regular business with commercial customers on it... Remember how many rockets failed in the past.. some rocket programs where only known for failed launches..

    That's also the reason why on the first Falcon Heavy flight they just put Elon's Tesla, apart from the media attention.. Though I told it would have been nice to have a real "radio" on it on amateur radio bands... ;-) But that was simply not their priority..

    The next Falcon Heavy will already launch Arabsat...

    Definitely, when there is an opportunity we will try to grab it...

    For sure we discussed some potential ideas, which always have to benefit both sides... but as usual, not much can be said here and time will tell..

    73s Peter