LNB Skew on Cassegrain

  • I think what pe1chl tried to explain is that you've to tweak to the minimum, because that's where the 'polarization discrimination notch' is maximal.

    In other words: listening to a H-beacon (or program), switch the LNB to V and tweak for minimum signal.

    Many broadcast satellites have two (different) programs on the same frequencies/transponder but with different polarities (H and V).

    Assuming around 25 - 30 dB polarization discrimination for linear polarizations it's possible to obtain clear (DVB-S) pictures with C/N's of around the same magnitude.

  • How to use the sun to allign the dish ?

    For my qth the satlex calculates 26° East.

    So when sun is turning 360° in 24h, that should give 15° travel per hour. So i can point the dish to the sund at 10h and 20 min giving the sat position

    Am i right ?

  • DN1HRZ sadly no.. the sun is not exactly in the south in Germany at 12h local time. I would advise to get either a real compass (not the smartphone ones) or better to use the Az/El from Satlex, which for you is 163.8°/29.7° and check on Google Maps for a geographic point which is in the correct heading. 29.7 deg should be indicated on any proper sat-dish as elevation so this should give you a start point to optimize from. Good luck and let us know if you run into problems!

  • My problem is in my garden in direction south i have some high trees. so i need to move around there to find a place without shadow at noon. last weekend i testet with the sunshade foot. but it was in shadow-so no free air to the satelite.

    i dont see a problem later when dish is mounted on the roof, but at first i wanted to test at ground zero

  • If you can select the frequency , Symbolrate and FEC : yes

    Broadband searching does not work ... else you want to search for BADR4 Satellite, its near Es'hail 2.