AO-21 / RS-14 (Radio-M1, RUDAK)

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    We have received very sad news today.

    Our good friend Hanspeter Kuhlen DK1YQ suddenly passed away last weekend.

    Hanspeter was Projectmanager for RUDAK on OSCAR-13 and on OSCAR-21 / RS-14. He was also member of the command station team for OSCAR-10 and OSCAR-13. A long time supporter for AMSAT.

    We will miss him. Our hearts are with his family.

    The RUDAK team and AMSAT-DL

    Peter Gülzow

  • Please accept my condolences to the family, relatives and AMSAT-DL, Hanspeter Kühlen DK1YQ I remember well, it seems that this was only recently, 26 Feb 1991:

    910226/1527z DK0MWX, 910226/1522z DB0EAM, 910226/1509z DK0MAV

    de DB2OS @ DK0MAV

    Hello Leo,

    please pass the following message, with which I fully agree,

    to all who worked together on Projekt RM-1/RUDAK-2.

    The mailbox is now operating for a few orbits and we have

    seen stations logged in from around the world, applauding

    to the fruits of or joint effort.


    *** Recent RUDAK Users ***


    DB2OS 12:36:23

    JH7CKF 11:20:02

    RK3KP 11:02:29

    DF5DP 11:00:56

    DG2CV 11:00:24

    DL6DBN 10:59:54

    DL6KG 10:59:53

    G4ULS 10:56:12

    G8NOB 10:53:17

    DK1YQ 10:47:13


    73 de AMSAT RUDAK


    AMSAT-DL wishes to congratulate all members of the AMSAT-U-ORBITA

    group in Molodechno and Moscow and Leonid Labutin, UA3CR, in

    particular, to the successful launch and start of operations of


    We hope that this is the beginning of a long cooperation and


    Dr. Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC Hanspeter Kuhlen, DK1YQ

    President of AMSAT-DL Head of RUDAK Project Group

    P.S.: Please convey our sincerest congratulations and thanks also

    to the officials and fellows of the GEOS team.


    Best 73s to Leo, Vlad, Alex

    de Peter & The RUDAK-Group

    (H)elp (C)heck (L)ist (R)ead (S)end (E)rase (D)ir (U)sage (Q)uit

    RK3KP de RK3KP>

    |Vladimir Chepyzhenko|Chief Designer INFORMATOR-1

    and Radio-M1/RUDAK-2/AO-21/RS-14|EU2AA|KO34KI