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    Hi Rob,

    fully agreed !!

    Full Duplex operation should be mandatory when working satellites...

    Otherwise you will never be able to adapt your uplink power accordingly and you would not hear LEILA... I would even not have thought that someone would really consider simplex operation..

    Thanks for pointing this out, I will add this to the guidelines..

    73s Peter

    Hi Thomas,

    genau aus diesem Grunde hatte uns Es'hailSat damals gebeten diese Erläuterung weiterzugeben.. Da es ein kommerzieller Satellit ist, legt man dort natürlich besonderen Wert auf die richtige Schreibweise...

    73s Peter

    traditionally we always used the Downlink frequency on OSCAR's for such reports. That's where we hear the others and where we hear ourself, or the beacon.

    Operating via Es'hail-2 / P4-A will be very similar to operating OSCAR-10/13 or OSCAR-40 in apogee and there will be no Doppler shift on P4-A.

    However, if you have an unmodified LNB (without TCXO or external GPS reference) there might be large offsets in your received IF frequency... So others might not find you, unless users will "calibrate" the receive frequency using the actual upper/lower beacon frequency. Perhaps someone will write an SDR code which will automatically track the beacon while receiving other signals ;-)

    24/7 steht im Allgemeinen für die Verfügbarkeit:

    • 24 Stunden
    • 7 Tage die Woche

    24/7 generally stands for availability:

    • 24 hours
    • 7 days a week

    Dear All,

    Just as a reminder:

    ** We will not publish or discuss any launch dates for P4-A / Es'hail-2 in this in this AMSAT forum, unless the information is provided by an official source (directly from SpaceX or Es'hailSat) including a link to the original information **

    We also expect that it might take minimum 1-2 month after the launch, before the amateur radio transponders will be activated and available. Certainly other payloads on the spacecraft have higher priorities. ;-)

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Here some guidelines from Es'hailSat on how to correctly spell the company name and satellite names in articles and other publications.

    The owner and company name is: Qatar Satellite Company

    The brand name is: Es’hailSat

    Satellite names are Es’hail-1 and the soon to be launched Es’hail-2

    The brand and satellites names are to be written the way it is written above, i.e.

    - brand name - capital E, apostrophe after the first ‘s’ and second ‘S’ in capital

    - satellite name - capital E, apostrophe after ‘s’ and hyphen before the number

    (no other alphabet in caps, no gaps between alphabets and/or punctuation and definitely not in all caps)

    Please note that the "all-in-one" solution MKU LNC 10 OSCAR P4-A from DB6NT had a fundamental design change.

    According to the manufacturer, a version with IF at 432 MHz was originally planned, but due to component availability, especially the corresponding TCXOs, there is now only one version with IF at 1129 MHz.

    Frequency range (RF) 10489.. 10500 MHz
    Frequency range (IF) 1129..1140 MHz
    LO frequency 9360 MHz

    This is also not compatible with the external downconverter from from Achim, DH2VA. So you will need an SDR...

    Ahhhh, that's true.. I forgot about the 22 kHz DISEQ signal.. so it should work perfectly..

    BTW: Nice to see you here.. I'm really thankfull for your expertise in the initial telecons with Es'hailSat.. Hopefully we will be soon able to enjoy the results..

    73s Peter

    Hi Michael !

    this is a pretty cool concept, I really like it. In particular to use the Triplexer for L-Band IF, 27 MHz Reference and Power supply. I was thinking to modify my Octagon TWIN LNB for TCXO, but your concept makes *much* more sense.

    Actually I want to use the TWIN-LNB to be able to receive the NB and WB in parallel. I have mounted it using a DISEQ motor, so that I can also receive normal DTV and point to Es'hail-2 before it's moved to its final position. I guess the motor will not let the 27MHz signal pass, but I could still use the other cable to connect directly using the Triplexer.

    What do you think?

    I opened my LNB, never did this before, and it was much easier than I thought. As you mentioned, only a T-8 Torx is required... Anyway it's fun to look inside the LNB.

    73s Peter

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