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    Never say Never.. ;-)

    Good tracking programs are actually able to flip-over..

    Which means that with an 90° overhead pass you will have EL >90° ... <180° flip over...

    This is important with LEO satellites, in particular when you need to rotate AZ by 360° depending on where your Rotator Stop is (either Noth or Sourth)..

    If you have done the 180° calibration correctly, the 90° should be OK too.

    Again.. you have to mechanically bring it into 180° and make sure the antenna is horizontal aligned and only than you adjust the Potentiometer FULL SCALE ADJUSTMENT. And yes, the mechanical stop of the rotator is slightly more than 180°.. So you have to go in front of your house and check with your eyes if it's 180° or not :-)

    Most likely old Keplerian elements... calculated orbit and calculated doppler shift does not fit to the actual orbit. Please try updating the Keps and check if they have really updated..

    hello peter, meter functions properly and full scale adjusted - but the actual physical movement of the rotor arm is what I mentioned about going to 190 degrees or so. the picture i posted is about the antenna and not rotorator control box needle

    Yes, but how did you make the Full Scacle Adjustment than? I'm confused...

    You have to use the UP/DWN button carefully and turn your actual position of the rotor arm physically into exact 180 degrees... not as shown on the meter, physically!

    Then you adjust the potentiometer on the back side accordingly, so that the EL meter shows 180 degrees.

    From now on, whenever the meter shows 180° the rotator arm should be physically also 180°..

    If that's not the case, something is wrong.

    73 Peter

    0 is actual 0

    90 is close to 90

    180 degree is more like 190....

    It's called FULL SCALE ADJUSTMENT, please see Page 4 in the Manual, see the link from DM4IM.

    First do the ZERO adjustment of the meter with the screw below it (with power off), than bring your EL rotator *mechanically* into exact 180° position and use the Elevation Full Scale potentiometer on the backside to adjust the meter to show 180°. That's all... same procedure for AZ. This way you calibrate both meters on the Controller.

    73 Peter

    Ok, our Wiki (called Lexicon) is now online and needs your help and support...

    I hope we can make it a good resource for newcomers and experts on QO-100.

    We can add as many categories and sub-categories as needed and still re-organize it..

    Any hints comments are welcome.. We are ourself on the start of the learning curve, but hopefully improve the Wiki over time..

    Thanks to Thomas HB9SKA for volunteering to help organizing the Wiki/Lexicon..

    Enjoy, 73 Peter

    We are running a SatNOGS station in Bochum and one of the installations is dedicated to receiving weather satellites with a dedicated antenna:

    Does someone have experience either how to use the R2CLOUD client or how to receive LRPT with the SatNOGS client? Or which is a better solution for automatic scheduled APT reception? We have an Airspy HF+ Discovery and a RPI4B.

    r2cloud can track and decode various radio signals from satellites, including APT (weather satellite) and LRPT (weather satellite).

    If you have visited the forum for the first time (as a guest) a language selection appears in the menu.

    Here the language of the system is defined and also the default language for the topics and posts.

    As a guest you will only see topics in the respective language... so either "German" or "English", according to the setting.

    After registering, please go to the control center --> Settings --> General:

    now change the language if necessary and (very important!) select both check-marks for the content languages:

    regardless of your system language, you can now see *all* posts again.

    Unfortunately, there is no other easier technical solution, but I hope everyone can handle it.

    Now, when you create a new Thread, please enter the correct Language of the content you want to write. If you write it in english, please select English in the select box, otherwise select german.

    73 Peter

    "Den Rest habe ich leider nicht ganz verstanden"

    Also.. der Benutzer hat die Sprache voreingestellt, die er beim Registrieren oben in der Sprache voreingestellt hat: entweder "Deutsch" oder "Englisch".. bisher betraf es nur die Systemsprache, da alle Forenbeiträge "einsprachig" waren..

    Nach Umstellung auf Multi-Language sieht er dann nur noch die Beiträge in seiner damals eingestellten Sprache.

    Um dann wieder weiterhin alle Beiträge zu sehen, muss man selbst im eigenem Benutzermenü beide Sprachen auswählen.

    Dies kann ich derzeit nicht automatisieren und überschreiben.. es muss jeder selbst das machen..

    Gruß Peter

    Hi Thomas,

    do we really want to make the Wiki bi-lingual german/english??

    I can switch the whole system to Multi-Language..

    The downside is, if people do not select both German and English in their language configuration check box, they will not see all german Forum/Wiki entries or they will not see the english entries depending which language they have selected.

    If everyone does it right, than indeed we do not need to seprate the Forum or Wiki into different parts... for example I can assign all existing english forum article to "english", the german to "german" and merge the Topics together.. depending on you language box you will only see the english, only the the german, or both if you have selected both..

    Shall we give it a try?

    73 Peter

    YES, otherwise I had said nothing. ;)

    Hi Thomas,

    now I hopefully made your day today :-)

    :!:We have a WIKI now :!:

    Actually it's called Lexicon, but its almost the same and as easy to use!

    The good thing is, already registered users of this forum will be able to edit and add information.

    Now comes the difficult part:

    1. a structure
    2. contents

    The basic structure is called "Categories"..

    QO-100 is for example is such a "Main-Category" .. and than there can be "Sub-Categories"..

    Any ideas?

    I haven't yet included the LEXICON in the Menu, not to confuse people too much at this time, as I'm also learning how to best configure it. If I know how to do it, I will also give you Moderator rights etc. so that you can yourself create Categories.. This functionality is not for everyone..

    The Lexicon/Wiki is here:

    Hi Georg,

    I don't think so.. AO40RCV is probably still the only choice.

    Indeed the decoded TLM screens have to be completely ignored on QO-100, as there is no telemetry from the satellite available. AO40RCV was for decoding P3-D / OSCAR-40.

    There are currently some activities ongoing to add some more information to it, but it slowed down and may or may not be implemented..

    Interestingly, there is a Telemetry Dashboard here:…k/eshail-2-qo-100?orgId=1

    73 de Peter