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    Hello, I was wondering about the massive distortion on the NB transponder at 10:40 UTC. It was very strange to see these heavy carries direct on both beacon frequencies at the edges AND very broad exactly on the middle beacon.

    Any clue what it was?

    73 Charly DK3ZL

    + + + BREAKING NEWS: Special event on QO-100 on Saturday, June 27th, at 12:45 UTC following the presentation of the movie about my DXpedition on YouTube during the HAMRADIOnline AND introduction of a SPECIAL AWARD (called "WAC" = Worked all Charly ;)) in connection with all the activities during and after my DXpedition. The award is for free (will be send by email as a PDF) and the rules for it are as follows, please look for some pictures on my updated page at DK3ZL.

    To apply for it you need to send me ONLY an email with the dates of your contacts with my special call signs and the mentioned stations who supported me. Even people only listening on the Web-SDR in the internet (I call them Giga Wave Listeners = GWL) are invited to participate. They should send me the detailed information about QSOs between the special call signs and other hams they listened to. There are 3 classes: Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on how many stations you have talked/listened to.

    My trip has come to a happy end with my safe return to Germany on March 19th. BUT a lot of new stations now on QO-100 told me in several QSOs that they missed the opportunity to talk with me and the other stations because they started with their activity after my return. So I decided to find a solution AND I have found one: the upcoming event is especially for all these new stations which started with QSOs AFTER March 19th, so they have one more chance and can perhaps apply for my award! Please try to be on QO-100 on Saturday at 12:45 UTC and listen to whats going on.

    It would be very kind if stations who have worked me during my trip could stay behind for about one hour and give all the new ones a chance for a QSO in the probably big pile-ups. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! for your understanding.

    You all will see that we have some very interesting call signs on the frequencies and even two brand new call signs which haven't been on the bird at all. These are very special, but NO new DXCC and NO new locators, but ......... stay tuned.

    The secret will be lifted on Saturday. I hope we'll have a lot of fun.

    73 de Charly DK3ZL


    in this year our local news paper (HNA) is publishing every weekday up to ten headline pages of the actual day from their complete library of all editions in the past 75 years. And on June 20th in 1963 the following story was printed:

    It demonstrates the importance of our observatory in the beginning of space-exploration even under the political situation in that days.

    73 Charly DK3ZL

    Hello Flo,

    I have no complains against a broadcast after the premiere on June 27th over the WB TP, but I have to speak with Wolfhard, Norbert and Torsten (from "Faszination Amateur Radio"), who recorded me a few days ago, whether something from their side speaks against it. I have a copy on my computer, I want to make the transitions between pictures and video clips a little bit more beautiful. So stay tuned ..................

    73 de Charly

    Hello to everybody,

    Today I can tell you that the complete story of my adventure will be published as a movie (a recorded presentation by me with slides and little video clips).

    Due to the Corona problem world-wide the well-known HAMRADIO Fair at Lake Constance has been cancelled in April but since last week it’s "revived" as the new "HAMRADIOnline" which means at the weekend 26th till 28th of June there will be lots of presentations and work-shops ONLINE via YouTube etc.

    On Saturday 27th at 13:00 local time we are showing the special presentation of my trip (it’s about 1 hour and 35 minutes), I’ll be in the background of that chat room. At the end I’m switching with my station to QO-100 for direct live QSOs and we'll have a nice and very special meeting with some real big and probably unexpected surprises.

    Hopefully it will be another mile-stone on QO-100, stay tuned.

    You can find the the latest transmission schedule of the HAMRADIOnline on

    I hope you like this information and would be nice to hear you again on the bird in two weeks time.

    73 de Charly DK3ZL - AD8AS

    Hello to everybody,

    From January 17th till March 18th in 2020 I'm on a special trip on my own through Southern Africa. In Namibia I'm using the special callsign V55QO for activity on QO-100 and I'm traveling through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and will activate very different grids during that journey on QO-100. I'm staying in several lodges for up to 3 days to give all interested hams the opportunity for a QSO in SSB and CW with me. My private callsign V5/DK3ZL will be also in use as in ZS my callsign ZS/DK3ZL. The papers for my application for the callsign A25/DK3ZL (activity February 7th till 11th and middle of March for 4 days) are at the authorities in Gaborone/Botswana. But there are good chances that this will be approved in the next days. Stay tuned.

    My QO-100 portable equipment: ADALM Pluto (with modifications by Sigi DG9BFC) using console v3 by Simon Brown with a 20 w PA (by Sigi DG9BFC) into a dual feed POTY (by Joerg DJ4ZZ) in a 90 cm off-set dish fixed on a tripod.

    More and updated information on my QRZ.COM page.

    QSLs for V55QO via LoTW, direct (SASE or SAE plus 2 US $) or via bureau to my home call.

    At the end of my „expedition“ my 2 stations that I brought with me will remain in Namibia and will be QRV on QO-100 regularly. In addition to the already active Derek (V51DM) then we have Werner (V51JP, head of the NARL) and Robert (V51RS), they will continue with the call V55QO, which I initiated.

    For all QSOs done by these call signs over QO-100 I'm the QSL-manager.

    vy 73 de Charly (DK3ZL / AD8AS)