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    Fix it !

    The newest version has another algorithme then the old V1.4

    Have now changed the q0100websdr.h headerfile with the correct ( for my setup) values.

    My dongle was way off the correct QRG.

    Rebuild it and QRG is now ok !

    FYI : The default Xtal QRG parameter is 24 MHz in the soft , but "normal" LNB 's has 25 or 27 MHz . That was the major problem in my case

    Extract from headerfile

    #define LNB_CRYSTAL 24000000

    73 Luc , on4aol

    The new version (V2.5) from Github seems not to work for me .

    All is running ,but i'm not at the correct QRG.

    It seems that the -f argument from te commandline is not taken over by the SDR dongle .

    My old version ( V1.4) on the laptop works fine , QRG is OK .

    A screenshot for more clarity

    screenshot Version V1.4 on laptop, with the same SDR dongle

    More info :

    HP dekstop

    Linux Lite V4.6

    X64 / 8cores


    I had the same problem ! If you open your browser on the same pc where the soft of Kurt is running , then you need to use your ip address of your computer (e.g. and not using localhost or

    If you connect from a other pc , be sure your linux firewall is open for port 80 , 8090 and 8091

    You can do this with follow commando in linux

    sudo ufw allow 80 and so on for the other two portnumbers.

    Reboot the linux pc

    PS , i am running Firefox

    Hope this helps :)

    73 Luc on4aol

    Hi Kurt,

    Just installed your software on a old Sony laptop

    Running on Linux Lite 4.6 (my favorite flavour).

    Working well in Firefox local , but only on the real ip adres , not on the well know or localhost.

    I.e. the soft is running but you can't pick a QRG with the mouse .

    A second problem for me is that the second waterfall is not visible , it 's falling off the screen.

    Any chance in the future for CAT with other TRX then icom ?

    Good job Kurt.

    73 Luc on4aol