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    As last solution, if you stuck, I can offer my help.

    Distance is a problem but if you send it, I can try my best.

    Received in the past 6 "dead" plutos and only 2 were really dead, the other 4 are working again. 1 with a squirrly signal but it works :) If it is really dead, I can send you a complete "new" moddified one if you want. TCXO, GND, PTT , whatever you need.

    Write me an eamil and give me some days, I do not check every day my mails.

    Hope I can help



    Received today a DUR-Line +Ultra Quad LNB and it is a PLL with RT350.

    The Crystal is on the TOP side with 25MHz.

    Horn diameter: 52,5mm with plastic

    Mounting dia: 40mm

    The cover is 4mm deep , enough space for parts ;)

    Also received the QUATTRO Version which is a PLL too!




    Edit: Forgot Cover pics

    Edit 2: inserted pic Quattro inside

    Thought IU2KAC wants the Pluto in his LAN. Then the hardware is the wrong one. Thats why i posted before, but now it looks that he just wanted to extend the USB, then its ok.

    About extender:

    I tested an extender too , bought it for the LimeSDR.

    It´s a direct connection like USB, but with an Network cable as extension .

    The Pluto/Lime or whatever isn´t available in the network like it is if connected via a USB / LAN Adapter to your local network, cause it isn´t in the network. (Lime does not support direct LAN)

    My adapter as passive (without 5V extern) and worked over 5m LAN cable without problems. Took a standard CAT7 cable between, without configuration and it works. While the LimeSDR supports USB3 and my adapter don´t , i stopped experimenting.

    In my opinion, on a Pluto, the USB/LAN solution makes more sense if you already have a LAN. Then the pluto is from everywhere available, from Smartphone, tablet, PC, notebook etc. Also if you have a "server" running or super fast internet, from the WAN. The bandwidth is massive it needs, don´t forget that.

    Maybe you wanna try USB/LAN with your pluto IU2KAC...

    sorry that i write in english. Also not my mother language but much better than my italiano :)

    Have a good time and stay safe!


    I can´t read the first post but i think he tryes to config PLUTO for LAN usage.

    You are using the wrong Hardware!
    This is a USB Extender , not a USB / LAN Adapter.

    It´s to make a USB "longer" via LAN cable . Not to adapt LAN via USB.



    Over the last 2 months I worked on the amp, original designed by PA3AXA, Rens.

    After eliminating all problems and a lot of optimizing after pimping the amp, I am proud to say: It´s done.

    The "next" version of this amp is running smooth and cold, with less current, lower Voltage but much more gain.

    Gain: 60dB , up to 66dB (minimum ~55dB)

    Rated constant output: 20W (SingleTone)

    Max Out: 30W but thats overkill even with low currents!

    Max input: ~15dBm! (Pluto has +3dBm @100% drive)

    It´s super linear up to 80% of its power. Hope Matthias DD1US can catch a sample to go deeper into measurements than i can do with my siglent SSA3032X analyzer. But psst, he doesn´t know that :)

    The plan is to build up to 15 pieces. Ready to use with 12V + 24V (22-28V).
    The 12V can be used as PTT or running 24/7. The heat with low currents isn´t high.

    Its mounted on a heatsink but for long term use, you should place a fan on the heatsink.

    If you are interested write me an email: (please give me 1 2 days for answer)

    I hope to update my homepage soon with more informations and pictures + Videos of the measurements.

    Here are some pictures: while the minimum of my TG is -20dBm I inserted an extra 10dB attenuator.

    the PCB

    Case all will be build


    MAXIMUM Output with -13dBm input!

    After 10 minutes passic cooling @20W constant output sweep

    I first have to make a picture from the repaired one.

    The "old" one is no longer in use while the PCB traces burned after more than 35W on DATV....

    I received a different Amp with the "same" problem.

    The problem was quick found . It has nothing do to with the doherty or what ever. There are small 10Ohm R between the 28V and the Bias of each Transistor and they were "burned" . They are not complete dead, they are 50kOhm and so the voltage is wide too low.

    I soldered in new 10Ohms (5 on this one here) and the complete amp is working excelent. Nothing on the doherty was changed!

    Measure them on yours and i hope it´s the same on your side. You can measure them inside the AMP, no need to desolder them . 10Ohm or 50kOhm is a wide range and your Multimeter can this :)

    Have a nice weekend

    Are you really paying 4€ per qsl?

    I know , a stupid question but I must ask.

    But what is more interesting for me: if yes, why?


    the amp burned all PCB trace behind the combiner after 30 seconds on DATV with ~35W.

    Flo tried to repair it but was not able to do. Now it´s running only on 1 Transistor and running ~35W with very bad efficency.

    I modified myself another one and this one is doing 150W @ 28V @ 16A without any problems.



    Old Post


    Today i got the PA from DB8TF - Flo back . Amazing.

    Pictures #225

    First QSO was with Flo and its fantastic. For SSB it´s quick too much power with my 1.2m dish. I think it´s easy to trigger LeiLA , we didn´t!

    In KG-STV super clear Eye-diagram.

    After i figured out how to stream the small ksyms, i´m good for some DATV :)

    Thanks again Flo. Surprise follows!