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    Hello Martin,

    Good point, indeed no duplex facility in the unit. You have to find a solution for your self. I have a second dish with RTL stick and raspberry PI and RTL_TCP server. I am synchronizing the Icom 705 with SDR console and Omni rig. In the field I can monitor by using the websdr and a phone. But for sure a duplex facility is missing. A build in downconverter to 2 meter can do the trick but it’s lacking

    73 Rob

    Hello Dieter,

    • It seems indeed a upopulated place for a battery, see picture. GPS does take a looooong time to fix >5 min
    • Optical illusion due distortion of the wide angle lens on the camera
    • VOX working suberb in SSB, CW not tried. Overal i am pleased with the ground station. Its a grab and go for portabel use of the oscar 100. No build up heat in the unit. You have to use the enclosed LNB because the DX patrol goes straight to 70 cm.

    73's Rob, pa3eke