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    I am thinking to buy the PA from dxpatrol, because it will fit to my link budget calculation.

    I want to install it in a waterproof IP66 or IP67 housing and put it under the feed of my 100 cm dish.

    You can see on picture of dxpatrols webpage that the PA have not top cover and no mounting wholes.

    Does anybody have experience in using/installing this PA in an outdoor casing? Is it bad to use it there without top cover because of problems with humidity?

    73 de Dirk

    Hi Jerry,

    the price from Wimo's set is the same than from dxpatrol, 99 EUR. It is the "RX Set with LNB and Bias-T (with PLL reference and 10 MHz external input (optional))". Please don't mix it with "QO-100 downconverter set", it is another set and costs more because it has downconverter (to 10m, 2 m, 70cm and 23cm) included.

    I bought it meanwhile and had some problems at the beginning:

    Bias-T box is not short circuit proteced at LNB connector, error in manual concerning jumper settings, LNB seems broken.

    After receiving new parts from distributor my first impression is that system is working very well. I tested it without connecting external reference (e.g. 10 MHz from GPS) and was surprised that the frequency is really very stabil at beacon of QO-100. It seems, that external reference is not necessary. A big advantage is that TXCO is not included in modified LNB, it is part of the indoor Bias-T box. That makes it insensitive to temperature deltas at LNB at antenna.

    Hi 4Z4LS,

    i think you mix it with another set. The internal reference signal is included in the Bias-T box, external reference (10 MHz GPS) is optional.

    73 de