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    Hi Andre,

    73 from ZS6AAG, i am using also a hackrf to transmit on AO100 from near 2 months now. I use SDR Angel to transmit under win10. I have an equivalent setup for the transmitter but i use the CN1047 as a amplifier after the Hackrf one.

    I have also linux on one computer with GNU radio i will be happy to test it, but my knoledge under linux is not so good.

    Les meilleurs 73,

    ZS6AAG alias TT8JLH, C91MSF, 3DA0MF, 7Q7MS

    Many thanks for all suggestions, I like the question from St2nh.

    The question is also, can 2 ham radios one in the explo mission and one at the headquarter: Geneva, Berlin or Paris give the microphone to discuss as an example medical supply or transport schedule from RedCross or Army to the medical team under his supervision, I will say yes but I am not sure....

    73 from ZS6AAG,

    Working for Doctors without Borders as a logistician, i thought to use the satellite for exploration mission where we dont have any network. The only problem is that we need 2 ham radios to supervise the communication process, one at the mission headquarter and one in the field. Very few are Ham radios in the Ngos.

    Any ideas are welcome to resolve this problem. I have already dicussed it with my colleague working for MSF Swiss at our headquater. Normally we use the immarsat satellite, but prices per minute are very expensive and in case of a globale emergency the satellite can be overloaded by organisations and not perform well as it was in the earthquake in Haiti. The money that we will save by using the satellite will be used for the patient....