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    Personally I think that there is a lot of activity during week-ends, I started activity on QO-100 during summer 2019 only on receive first, assembling components and material for my TX/RX station, then I become fully operational in early october and since then I have noted an increasing number of active stations.

    When some "DX" station is on the satellite the pile-ups sometimes are very huge, as we are accustomed to on short waves.

    Many are only interested in working new countries and new grids, so they spend most of time listening on the band.

    I am one of them, but I like to call CQ and make casual QSO mostly in CW.

    I confess that making contacts is the last objective for me...I spent most of the time making new project and modifications, adjustement on my station and antenna, trying to optimize the performance of my system.

    Don't forget the activity on the WB transponder in DATV, many new stations active...myself working on assembling the TX section.

    All UMTS amplifiers on EBAY goes out very fast, every time they appears....

    I think that during the springtime and summer we will see a lot of portable stations, new grid activations and rare DXCC countries.

    Than the passion and knowledge are a big filter. Working on satellite and microwaves is not easy as put up a wire and a commercial transceiver on HF...and that's the way it's going to stay.

    73 de Piero, IK1IYU

    DM5RM Thank you very much Roland, for fast developing the idea into a practical and working design.

    I wonder if the 1:4 transformer is really necessary or his presence could cause the blocking under 20 MHz.

    However…..nice job!

    73 de Piero, IK1IYU

    Looks like the easiest pluto sdr tcxo removal….is NOT removing it at all.

    According to Analog Device Pluto schematics, pin 1 of the tcxo is an Enable/Disable pin and simply grounding it should disable it.

    And this is the modification by F4DAV to inject an external reference frequency into XTALN pin through additional decoupling capacitor, and original tcxo pin 1 grounded:

    73 de Piero, IK1IYU