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    A good point, looking at the diagram in the manual it seems that the power to the rotator is just switched on or off and the control box has a reasonable amount of resistance in series with the potentiometer connections.

    Therefore If I put a 26V AC PSU near the rotator with some relays to switch it to the rotator and fed those with the 26v from the controller in the shack, I could probably just use ethernet cable to run down the garden.


    I need to mount a G-5500 about 70m away from the control box.

    Does anyone know what thickness of power and control wires will be needed over this distance?

    Also, does anyone have details of the signals sent down the 6 wires to each rotator? I was thinking than another option might be to have a microcontroller at each end which digitises what's coming down the wire and sends it over ethernet to be re-created by the other microcontroller. I'm guessing the rotator feeds information back from its potentiometer and the controller sends power to move the rotator.