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    Check the bog of F5UII. He documented most of the known versions and its limitations...

    I would advice on a Pluto rec C still the 0201 and only if you need the additions go for the perseverance versions...

    Don;t forget the rev C patch from F5UII.. you need it.


    In version 2.09 and 2.10 the start has become a start+ witch also does a apply.

    I had similar problems where setting changes needed a restart of the program to get active.

    New and more updates will be soon online...

    Best regards


    i understand your idea but think rather to have an additional apply button.

    I know, sometimes some settings are badly accepted.

    Dominique is aware of this issue and i just hope it will be resolved.

    The PTT button is a separate relay output capabel to just switch the final stage..

    This is a normal ham tool for switching between RX and TX and sould be in this software..

    So your survey to replace the function would be a bad idea in my oppinion.

    But refreshing ideas are allways welcome..

    Best regards


    Hi rudi,

    Maybe better to do a QSO or whatsapp phone call..

    I really think you over simplify a simple network issue...

    And still I really think you may not understand the risc your getting in...

    Send me an email with a whatwapp number so we use dutch for a phone call..



    I am sure you don't want this but you put the pluto in the DMZ in your router and everyone can use the pluto when they know your home ip adres..

    I have my pluto now connected thru a raspberry with has also a good firewall

    But the best solution would be a VPN connection between your remote station and your home network.

    Its a pity Amsat dl won't permit remote operated stations on the qo100..


    If you login with putty in the pluto and type the command device_format_jffs2

    you really clean an updated pluto back to factory settings...

    I had heard no success stories so far. And this was feeling like we repair or brick the pluto..


    So we dared and yes it created a blank pluto.

    Be aware your browser still might contain the data in the cookies..

    But the pluto was empty in 5 seconds...

    After deleting the rebuild was straight forward...


    So yes all original pluto revisions use the same 5PPM TCXO.

    And yes for a DATV signal where stability is not an issue you are fine.

    But never plan to use it for narrow band communication on a high freq.

    So forget SSB on QO100 or you need modification of your TXCO to what ever you like.

    And Modding is part of our hobby where we want to improve our stuff.

    If you don't like to modify a pluto than you will get it broken soon...

    Because when you connect a pluto to a external amplifier or even antenna you need the ground mod or you will blow up the USB dcdc part...

    See you on the bird...


    Dominique has supplied an Ino for an Uno with Easy V1.25.

    And also for the 2.06 where he made several changes, a new ino sketch was supplied...

    I run Node-red on a raspberry witch is more easy to change/update " on the fly"

    witch communicates with the easy front and back...

    I use the same raspberry for Longmynd client and for pluto network capabilities.

    And i got my older RPI3 from the shelf doing al this work.


    Hi Frank, " should" is the right word, but we know better by now...

    Down grading back to V0.32 will delete most of the files visible but still all user settings will show backup after installing f5oeo back...


    Hi, I have done multiply upgrading and downgrading and even DFU several times to change the pluto B,C,D and even Plus.

    I have noticed several times user data keeps showing up after a complete rebuild.

    So callsign of special settings seems to stay somewhere in the pluto even after DFU Boot and DFU Pluto...

    Now i have a pluto rev c where something wrong during upgrade and i cannot get the pluto D patch loaded.

    Also UTP communication seems to vanish...

    Now for my question.

    Where is the user data stored and how to delete that user data.

    So basically, How to completely wipe a pluto and restart from a empty pluto...

    In wiki i read something about device_format_jffs2

    Is this a solution or a recept for disaster..


    Hi, My first question is why an swl needs 13cm circulair patch.

    Just leave the LNB original and put it into and dish and your on the road...

    Second for the pictures. Your feeding point should not be in the middle and the mounting studs of the plate should not be in the active field but right in the center.

    Right now your wasting money but its a nice learning object.

    Have an other look at the original POTY Design.



    It really works great TOM. I can now leave the Minitiouner with a simple raspberry close to my dish and control the DATV RX via network all over my house.

    Combined with the remote monitoring via the same raspberry i can switch everything on and monitor temperature, voltage and power...

    Great tool with less cpu load.

    7es Benno

    Using Toms ZR6TG client and a raspberry 2 or better will make a nice networked Minitiouner RX..

    So minitiouner connected to a raspberry 2b (or better).

    Load a longmynd server onto the raspberry.

    Install a windows client and use multicast to view the video all over the network.

    Use multiple raspberries with multiple MT and your close to a winterhill (witch is even better).


    Hi Gerard, I got this same pallet.

    Put it on a big heat sink and gathering info.

    I first will check the i2c setting and see if we can controll the 4 bias controllers.

    Next I will slowly start to connect the power and see what it will do. Unfortunately I am a bit occupied whit a bunch of other projects so you may beat me setting it on 2400.

    Looking forward to compair the notes.

    Benno, pa3fbx.

    I was under de impression the pallet was made for 2100 MHz and not 2600mhz.

    Tip: (with the help of martin...:))

    goto putty into the raspberry

    git clone…bSDR_DATV-WebSpectrum.git

    cd QO-100_SSB-WebSDR_DATV-WebSpectrum



    sudo ./qo100websdr

    And than it should work...

    one question. I need to connect my pluto via USB to the ryde.

    If so, i cannot use the pluto for TX any more..

    Why not use the pluto via network..

    I succesfully used 1 pluto for DATV-TX and sdrconsole for RX via the network...

    So if the WB would use the pluto via network i may be able to use the TX. but we probably would get problems with 8 Mhz wide view..

    Looking forward to the next update...

    Thanks ..