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    So yes all original pluto revisions use the same 5PPM TCXO.

    And yes for a DATV signal where stability is not an issue you are fine.

    But never plan to use it for narrow band communication on a high freq.

    So forget SSB on QO100 or you need modification of your TXCO to what ever you like.

    And Modding is part of our hobby where we want to improve our stuff.

    If you don't like to modify a pluto than you will get it broken soon...

    Because when you connect a pluto to a external amplifier or even antenna you need the ground mod or you will blow up the USB dcdc part...

    See you on the bird...


    Dominique has supplied an Ino for an Uno with Easy V1.25.

    And also for the 2.06 where he made several changes, a new ino sketch was supplied...

    I run Node-red on a raspberry witch is more easy to change/update " on the fly"

    witch communicates with the easy front and back...

    I use the same raspberry for Longmynd client and for pluto network capabilities.

    And i got my older RPI3 from the shelf doing al this work.


    Hi Frank, " should" is the right word, but we know better by now...

    Down grading back to V0.32 will delete most of the files visible but still all user settings will show backup after installing f5oeo back...


    Hi, I have done multiply upgrading and downgrading and even DFU several times to change the pluto B,C,D and even Plus.

    I have noticed several times user data keeps showing up after a complete rebuild.

    So callsign of special settings seems to stay somewhere in the pluto even after DFU Boot and DFU Pluto...

    Now i have a pluto rev c where something wrong during upgrade and i cannot get the pluto D patch loaded.

    Also UTP communication seems to vanish...

    Now for my question.

    Where is the user data stored and how to delete that user data.

    So basically, How to completely wipe a pluto and restart from a empty pluto...

    In wiki i read something about device_format_jffs2

    Is this a solution or a recept for disaster..


    And there was a warning about the resistor and F1 on the bottomside of the pluto witch both can go wrong on rev B.

    F1 is very small and reports its not 0 but a few 100 ohm... and the R is remodified in the later Pluto versions and according to the analog wiki to high to accommodate all network chips...

    I would apply 5 volt on the USB connection between pluto and network dongle...

    Just by opening the cable and solder some extra wires to + and -...

    Rev B should take the V0.35 but i would advice not to go past 0.32...

    Ik had some problems with V0.35 on a rev C where downgrading to 0.32 was the only workarround to get F5OEO working...


    Hi, My first question is why an swl needs 13cm circulair patch.

    Just leave the LNB original and put it into and dish and your on the road...

    Second for the pictures. Your feeding point should not be in the middle and the mounting studs of the plate should not be in the active field but right in the center.

    Right now your wasting money but its a nice learning object.

    Have an other look at the original POTY Design.



    Hi, nice project. I would suggest shielding the adruino and sis boards..

    Not the GPS..

    The wires between GPS and Arduino normally contain not more than 10 Hz. So adding some 1 nf should be sufficient.

    I would be interested in the project because I've not been able to use a sis due to the noise. But adding dividers may be an solution there.

    And one idea to add is a controllable bias.. 12 volt for vertical and 18 volt for horizontal..

    So you can use the board for datv also..

    Or even better.. 2 bias control systems...

    Best regards.



    All F5OEO versions prior to 4 jan 2021 can be used without selecting the option to use datv or sdr console..

    Starting the version Persevere after 4 jan 2021 you need to select datv or sdr console before using the pluto...


    Versuch mal die encoder auf soft oder intel

    When die Nvidia nicht geht passiert das auch so..

    Input entry solte auf OBS+virtual cam stehen..

    hast du die richtige virtual cam plugin in obs installiert?

    (es solte unter tools in OBS zu finden sein)


    It really works great TOM. I can now leave the Minitiouner with a simple raspberry close to my dish and control the DATV RX via network all over my house.

    Combined with the remote monitoring via the same raspberry i can switch everything on and monitor temperature, voltage and power...

    Great tool with less cpu load.

    7es Benno

    Hallo Ulrich,

    I habe vieles durch ein ander getested letzte zeit deswegen bin ich jetst nicht sicher.

    Aber die 1.25 ist jetzt durch dominique frei gegeben und die solte dat besser machen.

    Die 1.25 ist auf vivadatv runter zu laden...

    Met f5oeo und 0201 solte das gehen.

    Ich habe mehrere pluto mit und ohne f5uii ptt also ist mir jetzt nicht sicher das version D mit patch und ptt 100% geht.

    When du die f5oeo browser offnest solte die ptt taste auch mit ein/aus geschalted werden..

    Aber ich arbeite grade an einem raspberry remotecontroll monitor die dan mit datv-easy zuzammen arbeitet und wodrauf auch eine longmynd server fur die minitiouner dreht. Das alles neben der spiegel beim entstufe sodas man alles zum senden und empfangen beim spiegel hin stelst und de controlle, monitoring RX und TX alles uber IP macht.

    Also DATV-Easy und Longmynd client am rechner und die rest am spiegel...

    PTT geht dan auch uber IP aus dem datv-easy ans raspberry GPIO ans PTT relais.

    73es Benno

    Using Toms ZR6TG client and a raspberry 2 or better will make a nice networked Minitiouner RX..

    So minitiouner connected to a raspberry 2b (or better).

    Load a longmynd server onto the raspberry.

    Install a windows client and use multicast to view the video all over the network.

    Use multiple raspberries with multiple MT and your close to a winterhill (witch is even better).


    Hi Gerard, I got this same pallet.

    Put it on a big heat sink and gathering info.

    I first will check the i2c setting and see if we can controll the 4 bias controllers.

    Next I will slowly start to connect the power and see what it will do. Unfortunately I am a bit occupied whit a bunch of other projects so you may beat me setting it on 2400.

    Looking forward to compair the notes.

    Benno, pa3fbx.

    I was under de impression the pallet was made for 2100 MHz and not 2600mhz.

    Vielleicht zu einfach. Pluto rev c und d braucht mit f5oeo ein f5uii Patch um die sende taste funktionieren zu lassen.

    When f5oeo läuft dan Patch laden über die pluto.php im Browser.

    Patch ist ein zip Datei die man nicht auspackt.