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    Hello Lucio,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I already updated to V2.74.
    So far it works OK.

    It does load the M0 configuration on power up which is good.

    The push buttons are not centered but it is OK.

    Hope it will not hang up...

    There are some minor changes in the GUI design which I will get use to...

    I ordered so far 6 units. All of them marked brand new...

    Two were dead on arrival, two had a short resulting from bad soldering of refurbished leads and two of them with "fake" modules.

    I tested the fake and it does deliver over 10Watts at 2.1Ghz. However at 2.4Ghz it have about 0dB gain...

    Anyway, importand to know that you must not feed all modules with voltage to Vdd1 before applying it to Vdd2.

    It is not in the spec, but Vdd1 provide bias to the output transistor. LDMOS do not like VGS greater than VDS...

    Nevertheless I notified the sellers and all of them refunded me with no negotiation..

    Today I played for awhile with the Chinese version of "4Watt" amplifier.

    Here are some of my takes:

    1. The 4W and 8W have same RF Circuit.. same transistors same performance.

    2. The linear power output for SSB is around 1 watt.

    3. Modifications by my priority:

    - Short circuit the logic IC to disable the Tx/Rx switching.

    - Bypass the output IC switch result by almost 1dB in output power.

    - Bypassing the input divider and IC switch by direct connection of the input connector to the PA input after the switch and two cuts in the print to disconnect the unnecessary circuit. This result in additional 3-4 dB in gain which decrease the required output power and gain of the required pre-amp.

    Hello everyone,

    I spent some time to configure my LOG4OM s/w, so it will automatically read and convert the rig frequency to the actual Rx/Tx and include all fields required by LoTW for SAT mode.

    I even use the actual Rx frequency display to tune the radio to the required frequency.

    Attached is a short presentation that summarize it.

    Hope you find it useful.