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    I don't understand why some people are not happy about amsat distance record. The way they measure has no problem. All other satellites are moving. As the position of satellite and distance between satellite and operator at the time of QSO is hard to define. If anyone wants to use another measurement to set a record, feel free to do so. I support as long as the measurement is clear.

    Also, why see it as a competition? I see it as a demostration showing how far can two station seperate can communicate via a satellite. Why can't we just appriciate what the satellite provides us? I have to say that the record is not very fair to station at north/south. But when we QSO with them we could imagine where they are and how the signal travels. Everyone ham can proudly say the furthest or hardest QSO you have had. The record QSO is meaningless to anyone else. What count is your own QSO. Again, not a competition.

    BTW I submited that QSO because I saw the twitter as it mentioned me. No means of being conpetitive.

    This is what I think. I'm open for discussion. Hope to have QSO with more people.

    Hi, this is 9V1HY from Singapore.

    The first QSO from 9V land via QO-100 was made at 1615z 20/1/2020. 9V1HY <-> BG0AUB.

    30 QSOs was made that night. I operated 1 hour and had to QRT due to rain.

    I am very happy to complete my ground station after months of preparation. And I'm sure many of you are as excited as me. I get a huge pileup at that night as many stations want to work with me. I also receive many question about my station and my schedule, so I think I should have a Q&A post here. Hope this can answer most questions.

    Q: What is your setup?
    A: LimeSDR+SDR console, homemade amplifier by BG0AUB, dual feed antenna, 1.2m dish. (Actual setup shown in picture above)

    Q: When are you going to operate again?

    A: I can't give an answer. My station is 100% portable. Nothing is pre-installed, so I need to carry everything out and back everytime I want to operate. All equipment are about 30kg in total. It's hard to operate very often. If I have a fixed station I would say everyday.

    Q: Do you have a operating schedule?
    A: No. Same reason as the above question. Generally speaking, I would operate when I have a few hours of time and the strenth to carry the equipment. I need to QRT whenever rain approaching.

    Q: What's your future plan?

    A: Right now I would like to work with more stations and countries. I want to measure my actual output power and try to increase it. In future I will try CW and digital modes.

    Hope to QSO with you on QO-100!

    73 de 9V1HY

    Hi. My station is almost ready. Now I need to configure my software. How to adjust the TX power from SDR console? I need -5dBm for my amplifier. Also any operation tip or hotkey with the software?

    73 de 9V1HY