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    An other way of checking the output of the Pluto is transmitting on a low(er)

    frequency and see if you can receive this signal on a suitable receiver.

    73, Dolf PA1RW

    What is the best way to update SDR Console?.

    I am running now version 3.0.16, would like to upgrade to the newest version.

    Is it simple installing the new version over the old one, or is it necessary to delete the old version

    including registry and other files?


    Dolf. PA1RW


    I use the same buck converter. Receiving NB with a Pluto-sdr i discovered

    some QRM, wich was eliminated using a ferrite toroid in the 28V lines.


    Dolf. PA1RW

    Hello S21AT (from Bangladesh?),

    What I use is an amplifier from OPA-DESIGN (F1OPA) between the Pluto and the

    SG-Labs amplifier. This amplifier has a build-in 2.4GHz saw filter.

    A bias-t you can build yourself like I did. There are several designs to find on the


    The buck-converter I use gave some QRM on the receiving signals.

    The QRM disappeard using a ferrite core in the power lines to the SG-Labs amplifier.

    Best 73,

    Dolf. PA1RW

    Hello S21AT,

    You need also a dish (prime focus or offset), a lnb (modified or bulls eye),

    cables, bias-t, perhaps a 740MHz filter (saw) and probably more.