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    I appreciate ur work on MMDVM, but I am not sure abt ur statement:

    For example, DMR is originally not open and fully documented. Some things have been reverse engeneered. We all mostly use MotoTrbo Tier2, which is fully proprietary of Motorola (even with Hytera radios) and also your MMDVM is using a VOCODER-chip (AMBE), that you need to buy and use in hardware in order to have a license for it. So I cannot see any difference to Lora at all. So also Lora is fully documented and you can buy chipset for 433MHz very very cheap! So why not using it?

    73 de Mike

    Dear Peter,

    dear all,

    certainly LORA is fully legal to use in Amateur Radio in most countries. It is not encrypted. It might be proprietary, but C4FM, DStar, DMR P25 is the same in many aspects and still widely used in Amateur Radio Service. Lora-APRS is fully compliant with the APRS standard from Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. So in terms of "experimental" we should welcome these experiments. Ofcourse it is true that the bandwith will only fit the QO-100 wide band transponder. But I understand, that the wide band transponder is intended not exclusevely for DATV, but also for such data transmission experiments and services. Lora is a good example that not only very narrow banded modulation techniques (FT8, WSPR) can give excellent results with very low power but also "spread spectrum" type (see GPS).

    Currently LORA-APRS is spreading accross Europe on 433.775 on 70cm band ( . WIth just 50mW you can make position data transmission over 100km from your car or backpack. So to have a Region1 APRS channel for Lora-APRS on QO-100 could be a super service also when travelling very remote areas in Africa or elsewhere...

    So lets welcome innovation in Amateur Radio!

    73 de Mike, OE3MZC