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    hello ok well for your stable power, we are two made small changes to this forum, we have unsoldered the small circulator MDX2 difficult, put a trace of 0.1mm wires for the moment I have no suggestions, if we find any happy info to give (pse input we use a small amplifier SPF5189Z power around 80mw)

    73 Tony IK1HGI

    Hi Tony,

    If you look at the the picture in #360 you will see that the two first circulators have already been removed. My conclusion at that time was that it did not bring anything so I would not do that again.

    but thanks for the tips,


    Joris PE1GLX

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the tips, I bridged the resistors that power the bias circuits, The power is stable now, but still too high standby current and too low output power. Next step is to check all bias voltages in the amplifier. (our amplifier have a slightly different layout.)

    73 PE1GLX Joris

    Hi All,

    This weekend I had my 2x BLD6G22L 150N/2 Nokia amps finally transmitting DATV to QO100 succesfully. Where the PA draws some 1.75A without RF and a little above 10A with RF. After 1 hour of playing I noticed that the power went up and down (sometimes 10A supply and sometimes 5A and also the stand by current (no rf) seemed to switch between 1.75 and 3A. checked some bias resistors that where mentioned to be failing in other threads but cannot find anything wrong. Any suggestions what is happening here?