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    Maybe I was focused to much on finding ADS models for the BLC6G27. MWO simulation data of that type is also included in the…00.html#designsupportdocs

    Ampleon answered on my request as follows:

    "Regarding your question on the ticket:

    please find attached objective data sheet BLC6G27-100. This product never has been released into production. We only produced some small quantity of engineering samples at that time. Products on the market may have a high risk of counterfeit product.

    As possible replacement we would recommend BLF7G27LS-100.

    Best regards

    Ampleon EMEA Sales"

    Has someone informations about input / output impedance, S-parameter files or Spice/ADS models?

    I think this document gave Cor the information about the replacement part BLF7G27-100:…ol/NXP-DN_201312028DN.pdf

    And that documant says that ADS and MWO models have been available for the BLF7G27-100. And it seems that those models have been available for the public.…FPower_Model_Overview.pdf

    I think it is not a one by one replacement for the BLC6G27-100. But as a starting point it could be helpfull to get data for this replacement part.

    Earlier this week I asked NXP about further details for the BLC6G27-100. They responded very fast, to get in touch with Ampleon.

    So I opened a ticket at Ampleon website yesterday.

    I also asked NXP today for further data of the replacement BLF7G27-100.

    I'lll let you know, if I get any further informations.

    If someone else has more informations about those two parts, please share with us :-)