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    I haven't a instrument to measure, but the result confirm my observation. Who has ADALM cannot transmit at very lower rates...;(

    TU Robert :thumbup:

    Okay, I'm able to tx at 333 K/s, tested 125 K/s DATV-Express with Adalm doesn't trasnmit. But I've the suspect about parameters are nor proprely settled....

    Searched on the web cannot find information about parameters...

    Tx at 2400.Mhz

    If true it's a drama...

    Hat anyone experience with ADALM-Pluto as Receiver or as DATV-Transmitter ?

    73, Martin DL9SAD

    I've been done the same test on ADALM-PLUTO with DATV ESPRESS SOFTWARE, as Heiner DD0KP (thank's for your suggestion !). Local tests was good for me on : 435, 1240, and 2400. In all cases a was able to decode my strong signal (local), with Minitioune Software (F6DZP). For my curiosity I've been done a test at 144 MHz, but in this case without success. I cannot understood if the reason was difficulties of ADALM to work on 144 or is SW or Minitouner express. It's very interesting platform to use some tipology of emission. Now I'm waiting components to reach result on QO-100 (Hair filters and amplifier dor DATV). First experience wasn't good with a surplus amplifier due to some errors for my inexperiaqnce on microwaves. We have a lot of collegues are well equipped to have good results, it isn't my actual situation.

    Best 73 and good luck.

    Yes you are right.Sometimes life is crasy.. I am running here FT-790 with 40db attenuator to BU-500 doing 300mW output on NB. will have PA by this week and then I have arround 4W out.:thumbup:

    :) 4 W on NB is a broacasting :D D: I'm sure your signal is good and above the beacon...

    ik4idy Why do you connect the Pluto to the BU-500?? The Pluto can do that QRGs himself. :(

    Yes, may be strange. My intention was to drive all at 144 MHz, for NB and WB. My test of saturday consist to try NB with Pluto, connected to BU500 ... total failure.

    Too large device BU500 and too much spurious generation by ADALM.

    No problem. I will restart with another way. When I will have availability of the attenuator, I will try with my ts 2000 to drive narrow band on BU500. For the WB as described, I will filter the input from adalm, and I will send 2400 directly to amplifier...

    This drive me crazy, inexperience (not always ignorance), play bad.


    Works fine ..

    Saturday i have been done the same test, successfully. I tried also 2400 MHz TX result was the same, good picture obtained. Unfortunately connecting ADALM_PLUTO to BU500 converter, I discovered some issues. The unfilitered signal from ADALM causes burning my amplifier. The accident is caused without connecting any signal in TX. This meaning that when ADALM does'n transmit, has anyway a "grass" of RF, that is so dangerous if you connect ADALM to other devices without filtering. The solution may be filter the band outside 2400 Mhz, and connect to a amplifier after a good filtering. But this do not guarantee that in the 10 MHz spectrum you have a very clean emission....

    Here my just ready built Transverter (SG Labs) for robust portable use together with FT897. The portable Dualband Antenne needs to be developed now. This will be used out of the Motor Caravan in summer. The output Power can be regulated to adapt to the portable Situation. The small old style instrument shows the output power (forward or return) switchable. 73 de Kai

    Nice setup.