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    if the hardware is not damaged, check on the site of Analog D. There are all instruction to recover from DFU.

    Any other method are useless, and more difficult.

    Search right information and retry the DFU procedure.

    Otherwise translate this link:

    Procedura di recovery Adalm Pluto - Modalità DFU
    IS0GRB atv antenne autocostruzione winlink winmor echolink proxy riparazioni radio navtex radioascolto comunicazioni digitali ripetitori Roberto abis

    Good luck.


    Hi Baris,

    yes I agree with you. Icom never provide a function for transverter. Kenwood win the prize, because TS2000, TS255 and 455 (and more rig) have this function. It was nice to use TS2000 and read the relative right frequency on the display (2400,300-10.489.800 ;).

    Icom seems don't have radio amateur in their engeneer staff :(

    Now I have IC9700 I'm so happy about this rig. No regret to loose TS 2000...



    Hello Baris,

    you are right, but I'm wondering if it's possible that a firmware solve the full-duplex needs. This is an hardware issue. The full-duplex must be developed since the start of the project. They wanted intentionally a RIG, without full-duplex, to sell 9700 without "in home" concurrent.

    This is only marketing, isn't it ?




    Nice job. Anyway we experienced a 1,5-2dB of loss applying the "radome" at 10 GHz.

    The project was of another german OM, printed in the same way.

    73 del Alex


    Il cn417 eroga circa 100 mW a pieno pilotaggio del Pluto (misurati). L'ampli Dx Patrol ha una potenza max input di 100 mW. Con una lieve perdita dei cavi è inutile inserire un attenuatore. Immagino che usi SDR-CONSOLE, la potenza è regolabile con continuità da zero a 100. Quindi hai tutte le possibilità di trasmettere con la massima potenza consentita dalla tua serie di dispositivi. Non serve molto di più, penso già che con una parabola di 60 Cm arrivi sopra al livello del beacon senza far attivare LEILA. Quindi quando hai un potenza tale da far intervenire Leila ogni ulteriore ottimizzazione è poco utile.


    de IDY

    You have done something of great Tom.


    Thank you.

    Hi mate,

    a friend of mine bought Adalm-Pluto, and a kit for TXCO mod. But is this mod really necessary ?

    Or is a waste of time ?

    May be that the new version has a more stable TXCO, and the mod is useless.

    Okay, I know that rev C has a special port for the esternal 40 MHz Clk, from GPSDO.

    But my friend, for the moment, don't want use this solution.

    Any suggestion, hints ?

    Thank you for reading.

    73 de Alex IK4IDY

    At 10Κ € is too expensive:rolleyes:

    Someone tells about that quotation, is a "undefinited price". We are waiting for the official exit on the market to evaluate the real price. Estimation of the price are : from 3000 to 4000 UDS or EUROS. The 10 GHz Unit could cost 1500-2000 USD or EUR.

    9999 USD is crazy, but if someone reached madness...


    hello, please tell me how to download the program, HF power meter, it does not work using the links.

    Dear R6DLC,

    I have been tested the program one year ago. It had too much issues to work properly, due to this reason I deleted the program. You can send an email to the supplier, in my case they answered to me with the link (in chinese :( ).



    I did it already directly to him. But he said that he cannot, at least now.

    If the source code would be open, no problem ...

    What is only needed is not "Dual Tioune", but a Minitiouner SW compiled for using the other tuner of the NIM.

    I agree with you.



    I try to decode the 1,500 WB Bacon. [90cm mirror, LNB-unmod/POTY Vers. 2. 0. 21] with PLUTO. NB (RX/TX) works fine. The IP Plot does not show circles, although there is enough level. So the decoding doesn’t work. Where should I look?

    Best regards,
    Rolf, DD9PR

    Hi Rolf,

    try to reduce gain, anyway, it takes a lot of time to lock the constellation (10-15 sec in my case). Parameters seems ok but there's an anomaly in the Bandwidth parameter. You have to see a grey band that cover the centered signal. I dont' see this greyband, may be 500000 is too much. Try to tune without changing the bandwidth, leave the same value showed when the app is open first time.

    73 and regards.