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    Hi mate,

    a friend of mine bought Adalm-Pluto, and a kit for TXCO mod. But is this mod really necessary ?

    Or is a waste of time ?

    May be that the new version has a more stable TXCO, and the mod is useless.

    Okay, I know that rev C has a special port for the esternal 40 MHz Clk, from GPSDO.

    But my friend, for the moment, don't want use this solution.

    Any suggestion, hints ?

    Thank you for reading.

    73 de Alex IK4IDY

    At 10Κ € is too expensive:rolleyes:

    Someone tells about that quotation, is a "undefinited price". We are waiting for the official exit on the market to evaluate the real price. Estimation of the price are : from 3000 to 4000 UDS or EUROS. The 10 GHz Unit could cost 1500-2000 USD or EUR.

    9999 USD is crazy, but if someone reached madness...


    hello, please tell me how to download the program, HF power meter, it does not work using the links.

    Dear R6DLC,

    I have been tested the program one year ago. It had too much issues to work properly, due to this reason I deleted the program. You can send an email to the supplier, in my case they answered to me with the link (in chinese :( ).



    I did it already directly to him. But he said that he cannot, at least now.

    If the source code would be open, no problem ...

    What is only needed is not "Dual Tioune", but a Minitiouner SW compiled for using the other tuner of the NIM.

    I agree with you.


    Hi Rolf,

    try to reduce gain, anyway, it takes a lot of time to lock the constellation (10-15 sec in my case). Parameters seems ok but there's an anomaly in the Bandwidth parameter. You have to see a grey band that cover the centered signal. I dont' see this greyband, may be 500000 is too much. Try to tune without changing the bandwidth, leave the same value showed when the app is open first time.

    73 and regards.

    Hi Elmar,

    I have been eperienced the same "issue", but in my case, selecting the last check box, to start the transmission and reception of DV (This is in the same page, of parameter show in tour post) , the red cross move to green tick. In my opinion, the app doing the check of audio parameters only when you select a mode to use the digital encoder.

    After this all run well.

    Please try this and tell me if the issue is solved.



    My observation is that Robert has an excellent emission at 16psk 25 K/s. Until now he's the only station that I can read perfectly. This not happens with other station, may be that my system has issue to decode at 16PSK when a signal is "dirty" or with TS broken.

    The new parameters in Minitioune don't help to read other station, instead DVBS_GUI at lower speed show unexpected performances.

    Anyway I need time to improve my setup.

    73 De IDY

    Great Job Christian, thank you very much for your effort.


    Dear all,

    I've a OPTICUM LTP 04H but I have different request for the modification. My aim is to maintain the second output, and drill a hole to take 25 MHz to the chip. Would you examine my schema to check if it's correct ? Thank you for your answer,

    I leave the resistor, delete the wiring, cut the track and connect 25 MHz source to the point showed by my arrow. I will connect a small coaxial cable with gnd connected in some point were available.

    73 Alex

    I Agree with Mike. To avoid amplifier crash, it's important to define a limit,.

    Also useful a possibility to save a "transmit profile". This is useful to load quickly, parameters for each speed selected.

    (PCR/PTS, PAT, MODE, FEC, Pilots, Base frequency, Modulation, Frame etc) eg Button Save Profile, name file.

    Corresponding to this button another "Load Profile" drop down menu to select the profile, and load automatically saved parameters.