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    Tu, giving up on this amplifier...



    Sure! In the picture you'll see my homemade "connectors" using dual row, 2mm spaced pin array. Covered with hot melt glue. Original SMP output was located on the right of the circulator, ugly replacement SMA soldered instead. :) Could not find a SMP mating connector so I let it go.


    have you some information about modification and power supply for this amp ?

    Thank you.

    73 Alex

    Just for curiosity, has 9700 the "Frequency Transverter" capability like TS2000 ?

    This is very good to set up frequency indicator to and for a "right" frequency information.

    Thank you.


    I made it.BG0AUB QO100 DATV QPSK 1/2 10496.625 125k thank from M0SKM signal report.

    Now I use is the circular polarization feed narrowband communications.How to make a line polarization feed for DATV launch?Who can help me...

    Zhao Feng,

    the RHCP polarization is right, WB and NB trasnponders have the same polarizzation, but keep in mind that the feeder must be LHCP, due to "mirror" effect of the dish that change polarization. Furthermore if you are using a helix feed, this can be user for both transponders, but it's clear that when you transmitting on WB, you cannot do the same on NB, and viceversa (but if you have two TX dish, yes).

    I hope having understood your request.

    Congratulations for your's operation from China.

    Regards an 73.


    Minimize the Mini-System - Searching the Satellite


    another idea to reduce. The combination of LNB with horn and a scanner was used to check a location because of trees and buildings which prevent receiving.

    The CW-Beacon helps to find a gap.



    I'm interested but this message appear when I'm trying to browse :


    В доступе отказаноВозможно, не загружен индексный файл или неправильно указаны права для него.

    Thank you. The service helps all to use in a best way the wb transponder.

    You doing a great service for all amateur community.


    Some Broadcast on our transponder ?


    Thank you, I have changed the settings as you indicated but still no luck, I believe the signals on the WB transponder are too weak for this part of the world, DATV will be very difficult to rx/tx from here, although the signals on the NB are very strong.


    Ed PY2RN - ..-

    This is very strange. Have you tryed to experiment the change of polarization ? Are you sure about the power supply to yours LNB at 18 V to reach the horizontal polarization ?


    Okay, with the suggestion of JP I have been modified the LO ref. The procedure that I have been used is to, increase and decrease, by some try, the main frequency. I found good rx at 333 K/s decreasing 40 KHz. This difference is now applied to the LO, in main screen. Inserting now the real frequency (From BATC Spectrum WB) the Minitioune locks the signal. Now I will need to try with more lower rates.

    More test will be done. Stay tuned.



    Form Amsat UK :

    "At the RSGB AGM in Birmingham on Saturday, April 27, 2019 two awards were made in recognition of work related to the amateur radio transponders on the geostationary satellite Es’hail-2 / QO-100.

    The prestigious Louis Varney Cup for Advances in Space Communication was awarded to Peter Gülzow DB2OS for his leadership of the team responsible for the Qatar-OSCAR-100 mission which is now in service."

    Congratulations to Peter for this Prize and thanks to all Amsat-DL team for all the effort.