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    The Express haven't the capability to send + 18V or 22 KHz signal. The V2 Pro has this feature. The V2 has the possibility to receive two signal (2 channel) at the same time. For the rest work in the same way. Anyway I strongly suggest to buy the more flexible V2 Pro.

    I have V2 and Express, but with the express you have to use a bias tee and power supply at 18 V. With the pro and sending a 22 KHz sig, I was able to see some broadcast arabic channel, impossible to do before.


    After several tryes no success on Nano. Asked on github a help to Evariste.


    Flow :

    1. Installed SO - SD _> jetson-nano-sd-r32.1-2019-03-18

    2. Followed exactly - >

    Repeated 3 times the entire cicle, with experimentation of several ffmpeg libraries, after 1 partial success at the next start won't run again.

    Checked udp packets incoming regularly on Nano.....

    No more try will be done.

    I downloaded the software recommended on the Jetson site. It's a customised version. I wonder if you did this?

    Yes Mike the download comes from the link in your message.

    I tryed with success another version of ffmpeg, but unfortunately works in a very bad way at lower speed.

    Now I'm starting from a fresh installation and following exactly the description done in the BATC forum for the Jetson nano DVBSDR.

    The result back to no TS in the tx. There's something of wrong in the ffmpeg, because I Checked the UDP stream on NANO, with tcpdump. Packets coming regularly, same test made from Robert.

    I will need a Teamviewer session with Evariste, but my opinion is that this is a "abandoned project". He starts to develop new solution for Pluto, may be he haven't interest to continue on Nano project.


    Dear Robert,

    try to launch directly and wait. The tx doesn't start immediately, wait 15 sec. but after 20 the tx with the TS must start.

    It takes a lot of time to start, due to sync the TS. Try more times, in my case some times at the first attempt won't run.

    Anyway if something goes wrong may be the version of ffmpeg or the firmware of the lime.

    Unfortunately, I'm able to TX whith the LKV->NANO>LIME Express, but I've good results only at 2M/s. My impression is that my verison is wrong or there are other parameters spread in the pipe to regulate. For this reason I cannot give punctual informations.

    I asked to Yves HSL but he tells me to ask Evariste.


    Try to connect directly LKV to Jetson, is you have any doubt.

    or you may try to install tcpdump and after launch the command :

    1. tcpdump -i lo udp port 5004 -vv -X

    If you see packets incoming (looks like a ping) means all is ok, and the issue is in the dvbsdr pipe/chain.


    Hi all,

    I'm testing OBS Studio, works well with datv express with video, but when I'm trying to configure the audio appears a warning :

    "Cant' Connect Audio to Samlple Grabber"

    Someone have been solved this issue ? Is there any possibility to connect directly to OBS Audio ?

    The only way to solve is to use Virtual Cable.

    Thank you for any possible answer.



    Is S2 mode avaliable on SRD Angel ? If S2 is not available you cannot decode signal of General Beacon. Sometimes, there was trasmission in S Mode, and many people have succes to decode. But emission in S mode are rare. I used SDR Angel month ago to do some test. Yes it runs but sometimes stops, and the interface isn't properly "User Friendly". Anyway may be running well under Linux, I don't like this software. Too much modes, but some people love it.



    Dear Tony,

    cannot understood your choice. Mintioune is more sensible, compared with the dvb-gui and more easy to use. I recognize the great job of Markro, He has done something of special. But facts are clear, in my opinion there are some important imrovement to do in future. I don't know exactly if the DVBT Keys will be have the same performance of SERIT NIM Tuners, that was built exactly to receive the SAT band.

    hello I abandoned MiniTioune V2, with passion I'm checking the new dvb-s2 new program 2.0.12, with great pleasure now I receive the constellation, compared to the previous 2.0.11 a lot of effort, the passion pushes me in this program !! and I ask SWL - markro92 if possible in the future I can find a system to automatically activate the video, in the Linus system thanks to Nico de Roo gave me the opportunity to see, also the MiniTioune system has the video activation automatically, the only thing pleases in this is to see nice DVB-S2, now everyone is making an effort now that you don't see the vertical line, I wouldn't want some people to leave ...

    Anyway good luck.


    Good morning,

    I prepared a tool to determine frequency in dvbgui, usable in Excel or in Open Office sheet. The tool is very simple, you have to insert "LO" (Local Oscillator Frequency) in a cell, and after insert the frequency readout in the BATC Wideband spectrum, over the peak of a signal. The tool eill get the frequancy that you have to insert in the dvbsgui.

    Hope is useful for you.

    73 Alex