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    What is the right way to install the patch ?

    I have a brand new pluto ( rev b ) I have installed the latest fw from analog devices.

    After installing original analog fw, with alternative firmware ( perseverance or bata for the brave ) do i have to install before applying this patch.

    What are the correct steps and in which order ?

    I have some questions about my amsat DL downconverter v3.

    I use the one with the GPS reciever.

    When I connect the downconvertor to my modified LNB and my reciever I still hear some drift in the RX of the satelite.

    I have connect the LCD display to the downconvertor to check if the GPS is locked.

    When the GPS is locked there is still drift on the RX side.

    When you touch te PCB or the onboard TXCO you see and hear a massive freq change.

    How is this possible when the GPS is locked.

    It looks like the GPS reference / lock does nothing to the LNB reference signal.

    Is this right ?