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    Downside, youll need over 10Watt FM to get a desent S9 R5 signal...

    In stead of the 4 watt needed for a similar USB signal...

    Hi Benno,

    This is already the reason.. FM is the most ineffective method on satellites and we just don't want to promote this among other technical reasons. We also have had abuse in the past using strong FM on both NB and WB.. There have been a period of experiments using FM as a back channel, but it was not feasible for the above reasons and that's why we banned FM in general on QO-100.

    73s Peter

    All attendees are invited to join the virtual user meeting taking place at 17:20 CEST (15:20 UTC) on the narrow band transponder. You are invited to announce your participation in advance via WB tpx chat on [1] (please set you nick Name with "/nick N0CALL" to your callsign) or the YouTube chat on [2]. We will collect all the pre-registrations and call you one by one on 10489.830 MHz using the callsign DK0SB. As soon as the list is processed we go split and listen 10 up for any other user.




    We are currently receiving the message or get mail back from the central mail distributor for foreign countries / Frankfurt Airport.

    With the note:

    "Post and goods shipments with the country of destination are currently interrupted. The resumption is not foreseeable at the moment".

    In this case, currently the journal and shipping of goods to South Africa, Brazil and Mauritius

    All those who have contacts in non-European countries, please spread this information.

    We have not forgotten this, but it is not possible at the moment.

    73 de Michael, DD5ER


    Der eBay-Link taucht weiter oben mehrfach auf und funktioniert... wo ist das Problem?

    Wenn jemand es hier aber überstrapaziert (wie geschehen), dann müssen wir korrigierend eingreifen.

    Wir verdienen hiermit auch kein Geld und stellen das Forum kostenlos zur Verfügung.

    In general, we ask not to post any commercial or trade offers in this forum.

    There is nothing wrong with individual offers for purely personal and non-commercial reasons, but here too there should be no price discussions and a discreet approach.

    Ideal zum neuen DownConverter V3d passt natürlich ein von AMSAT-DL fertig umgebauter LNB, d.h. modifiziert für eine Referenzclock direkt gespeist aus dem Down-Converter und dort durch einen hochstabilen OCXO oder TCXO+GPS erzeugt.

    Weitere Details sind der Beschreibung des DownConverter V3d auf unser Webseite zu entnehmen.

    Wichtig: die externe Referenz liegt nur am "WB" Eingang des Konverters an und muss dann entsprechend auch mit dem oben gekennzeichneten Anschluß des LNB verbunden werden!

    Hier im Shop:

    a small reminder for given reasons:

    Remote operation of an amateur radio station via QO-100 is only permitted if the station belongs to the operator himself and is operated at his own location. He must always have full control over the station and in particular be able to switch it off immediately if, for example, interference occurs. Special cases of unmanned and automatically operating stations require both permission from the operator of the space station, in this case represented by AMSAT-DL, and special permission from the regulatory authority responsible in the respective country. The international and national legal regulations must always be complied with by the operator. The above agreement is in accordance with AMSAT-DL, AMSAT-UK, QARS and Es'hailSat.