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    I purchased a mk3 up and down converter to work with a FT857 transceiver and home brew PA.

    All set for 432 LO.

    Reception is great and accurate.

    Transmit works wel but is always 500 kHz above the RX frequency to my surprise.

    Very inconvenient !

    Dxpatrol responds that this normal and caused by the satellite transponder.

    That is true but the 500 kHz can easily be corrected by a small change in LO frequency I would say. 1967.5 instead of 1968 MHz

    I wonder how others work Q100 simplex with these devices



    I have a working WB system using OBS and H264 coding.

    Works perfect but l would like to go to H265 so purchased a new PC with a Rijzen 3200 GPU which is supposed to have hardware 265 support.
    After days of experimenting and lots of driver downloads I could not make it work.
    So moved to experimenting with ffmpeg and tried to convert MPeg 2 TS via OBS record and UDP to H265 linked to Pluto via UDP.
    Quite complIcated to find the settings but it seems to work somewhat.
    The quality of pictures is however poor and worse than H264.
    Pluto has trouble accepting the stream and syncs quite difficult even with low input bitrates.
    Playing with parameters for days has not improved things

    Looking at the output of ffmpeg I noticed more dan 50% dropped frames which may be the cause. With different bitrates and fps settings etc the drop % can be improved a little but remains very high.
    The CPU load is 25% or less so cannot cause this.

    Anybody with experience or ideas ?



    My Pluto continues to drop the USB port when anything is switched on the mains.
    All equipment is properly grounded.
    I modified the Pluto ground system as proposed in many places (shorted isolation filter coil) and made a common ground for all systems in the shack, but nothing seems to improve.

    Any suggestions to solve this ?



    I have installed DATV express for Pluto on an ASUS i7 mini pc to be used portable.
    I connected a webcam on USB and selected this for video.
    installation and drivers are ok but on start express reports configuration error


    This PC has no audio input hardware; only realtek audio out.
    i do not need audio, but DATV express does not allow this.
    The program starts but PTT is greyed out

    any options to bypass this ?

    PA3AXO Jack