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    Hello All

    I have 2 Twin LNB's and 1 Single LNB Octagon Green HQ,

    I suppose these are PLL LNB's

    When I listen on beacon, I have small variations in freq ( not drift ), and I think coming from these LNB's, since when I changed to Inverto PLL, it has reduced a lot.

    recieving with SDR Radio, or SDR Uno, with RSP1a, or Pluto, Or HackRF, the Freq wobbulation stays the same

    I have attached a video

    Does anyboy has this phenomenon, with the Octagons..

    Anything to do about it ?

    I suppose it is coming from internal PLL Loop regulation.. so If I would inject 25 Mc with GPSDO, it would be the same, since it is not drift