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    Tnx Marcel, works great

    Also on SDR Play.. but better integrate the newest SDR_API.dll in the download, since there is the one of 2019

    I had to take and place the newest in the folder.

    Good Job.. works very stable and the SNR Report is wonderful..


    Mon Cher, , pse no personal attacks

    My gratitude is big for all the developpers like, you mentioned, but this has nothing to do with it...

    In our club, not everyone has a rich uncle and I am searching to please everybody and try to have DATV in the reach, also for some poor HAMS, and not only for the happy few

    It is not a crime , I believe to find solutions more convenient for some than for others.

    Case closed for me



    Tnx for information

    It seems that actually they are not that price anymore

    They have augmented with 35 Euros :(

    This is the response


    Nous vous proposons un devis pour Un KIT014 Minitiouner-S "Compact" 119.00€ + une contribution de 20.00€ pour les non-membres.

    1 kits à 119.00€


    Frais de port 15.00€

    TOTAL : 119.00€ + 20.00€ +15.00€ = 154.00€ par PayPal sur le compte

    Probably we will look in our club for the Minitiouner -E from Elad, which is made almost the same, but finished nicely


    Hello All

    I have 2 Twin LNB's and 1 Single LNB Octagon Green HQ,

    I suppose these are PLL LNB's

    When I listen on beacon, I have small variations in freq ( not drift ), and I think coming from these LNB's, since when I changed to Inverto PLL, it has reduced a lot.

    recieving with SDR Radio, or SDR Uno, with RSP1a, or Pluto, Or HackRF, the Freq wobbulation stays the same

    I have attached a video

    Does anyboy has this phenomenon, with the Octagons..

    Anything to do about it ?

    I suppose it is coming from internal PLL Loop regulation.. so If I would inject 25 Mc with GPSDO, it would be the same, since it is not drift