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    I'm not looking for QSL but I want to help those who look for QSO confirmations... I'm on eQSL and received many of them that I wanted to answer to. Hard job, as I was logging on a paper log. So I entered all my QO-100 QSO in HRD Logbook (the free V5 version).

    My problem : when I wanted to answer QSL or send QSL, I received a message that my QSL doesn't comply with the requested SAT mode. So I carefully read this forum thread and understood what was wrong : missing propagation mode and satellite mode fields.

    I corrected my log and entered the missing fields but I have a problem so my question below :

    Every time I restart my log, the fields that I entered in the tabs of the ALE (Add log entry) window appears blanked ! I must write the informations again. What am I doing wrong ? How to save this configuration so it returns every time I open my logbook ? How to send all the infos requested by eQSL without correcting by hand the ADIF file ?

    I would appreciate any help if experimented users could give me informations...

    Thanks a lot and 73 from Denis, F6GKQ

    Hi all,

    The previous (064) version worked quite perfectly on my W7 i3 4GB computer. The new one (072) doesn't work, there is no signal at MHM input. I spent sometime around it this morning but didn't found any solution...

    73 from Denis

    Hi all,

    It works now, for me. I first recorded an IQ file with one transmission. Then, I played it several times, changing some parameters (audio level, format (speed), etc.) until I found the right ones.

    I have no kind of stabilisation here, except the SDR Console synchro on the PSK beacon and I left the software running unattended and catched some more pics during two hours so it seems that it is steady enough "as is".

    This is a screenshot and, as one can see, constellation is not perfect but picture is OK. I also attach two pics from DO3ASE. I have to do some more changes in order to improve the reception. After testing directly with audio mixer, I used a VAC...


    Thanks for the info, so I've been unlucky yesterday, missing this traffic. I'm listening this morning, heard two transmissions just before 11 AM but even with a green light on receive, synchro is still red. I've to wait for other transmissions.

    73 and good traffic to you !

    Hi all,

    I have a suggestion. Will it be possible to have a good quality IQ file of a Highspeed Multimedia transmission to experiment around and try to find the right adjustments to decode it and check also if our computer is able to decode it ? This kind of file is rather heavy, I know that, but it could be uploaded on any "big files server" ?

    Another possibility could be to have a test transmission during a known time slot, i.e 2PM-3PM or anything else so we could try to receive with HMM ?

    And what about the use of one of three beacons during a limited time (a week-end ?) to send HMM files and promote this mode ?

    Those suggestions because I spent a long time yesterday (15/01) and this morning (16/01) waiting for any transmission on 489.580 but nothing appeared...

    73 to all.

    Denis, F6GKQ

    Hi all,

    I already posted the same message on forum three weeks ago and got no answer, so I try on this forum... maybe I'll be more lucky.

    I have a problem with SDR Console when I want to use my FT-817 or my FT-857 with external radio option. I receive the error message "Port busy" and/or "offline". To cancel it and make the external radio working, I have to remove and reinsert two, three times, sometimes more, the USB radio interface. Then it generally starts working BUT, at the same time, I see the CPU activity indicator passing from 2 or 3% to nearly 30% ! I dont understand why. I tested front or back USB ports, same problem. I even bought a powered USB hub, same problem.

    My computer is W7 64 bits, i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM.

    I will appreciate some help trying to solve this problem.

    Many thanks and 73 !

    Denis F6GKQ