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    BTW here are my Settings with Firmware etc

    device-fw v0.31-4-g9ceb-dirty hdl 2018_r2 buildroot v0.20-13868-gd8216-dirty linux xcomm_zynq-2013-04-19-394535-g387d58-dirty u-boot-xlnx v0.20-PlutoSDR-13-ga2f86

    Hi I try it now via SSH to set this settings you made.
    Editing the config.txt via explorer does not get the results I want.
    After Editing and take off USB Device you see in the screenshot the failed_invalid_uboot_env file.

    My config file is like this after editing

    # Analog Devices PlutoSDR Rev.B (Z7010-AD9363)

    # Device Configuration File

    # 1. Open with an Editor

    # 2. Edit this file

    # 3. Save this file on the device USB drive

    # 4. Eject the device USB Drive

    # Doc:…s/pluto/users/customizing


    hostname = pluto

    ipaddr =

    ipaddr_host =

    netmask =


    ssid_wlan =

    pwd_wlan =

    ipaddr_wlan =


    ipaddr_eth =

    netmask_eth =


    xo_correction =

    udc_handle_suspend = 0


    diagnostic_report = 0

    dfu = 0

    reset = 0

    calibrate = 0

    But after reboot the settings are set back to default

    Hello together,
    after receiving my Pluto last Week I tried to set a new IP Adress for the USB-Ethernet Connector.
    After mod the config.txt in the USB_Eth Area like this


    ipaddr_eth =

    netmask_eth =

    gateway_eth =

    I save the config and eject the USB Device. After the EJECT I found a file called ipaddr-usb0 on the root path of
    the pluto system.
    All seems ok like manuals and other information about setup schows.
    But after switching the power of, all settings were lost.
    How can I set this IP for USB_Eth forever?


    Hi in our Adalm Project in our Clubstation we switch off the power Supply for the Pluto after working with it.
    Does the Ethernet-Settings still be active after the next switch ON ?
    Yesterday we tried a Config Change with setting a static IP for USB-Ethernet and after a later reboot
    all settings are default.
    Does it really hold the settings, when I only Edit, Save and Eject after a later reboot?


    Hi together,

    after a damage, I want to change my amp from DX-Patrol 12W Amp to a SG-Labs Modell. V2 has an Input of 500mW and the new V3 max 100mW. I look for the V3 Version but I don´t not know If I can reduce the DX-Patrol-Upconverter to abt 40mW out with the inside power adjustment.

    Has anybody test the UpConverter V3, how deep you can reduce the output of the upconverter Version 3?