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    I've used the Down Converter V3d with the GPS-Modul V2 for several month now. It worked as expected.
    Today I got a problem. It seems that the some PLL isn't locked and some frequency isn't stable. You can see the effect on the screenshot. All Leds are ok and also the seriell Debug output from the converter looks normal.

    Does anyone knows this effect and maybe have some hint?

    For clarification:

    The TRX is Adalm-Pluto, external clocked with 40MHZ from the Down-Converter.

    The LNB is modified and also ext. clocked with 24MHz from Down-Converter.

    73, Hartmut

    Great, for TX toggle it worked as descriped, thanks a lot for the hint!

    I found out that the "Frequency Window" also pops up when clicking on "Receive" and than "Keyboard". Unfortunately, even when I assign a shortcut like "ALT+K" to this function, "CTRL" is still active.

    For explanation, I frequently use the keyboard function "CTRL+Window+left/right" to switch between virtual desktops. When doing so, always the Frequency window pop up, which is annoying.

    73 Hank


    does anyone know if there is a way to redefine keyboard shortcuts within the SDR Console?

    E.g. I want to use the "space bar" instead of "F5" for toggling TX. And I'd like to get rid of the Frequency popup window when pressing the "CTRL key".

    Thanks all.

    73 Hank