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    Dear Joao Silva,

    I would like to help you to test and maybe to finish this development.

    A grande vantagem e que eu falo Português. Sou do Brasil , São Paulo.

    Please let-me know where I can help you.


    Roque - PU2RQV

    Dear Marco,

    My name is Roque (PU2RQV) i am in Brazil.

    I am trying to configure a Maxim Bias board (MAXREFDES39#) to setup a correct bias to the Ampleon 250w moduleBPC2425M9X2S250-1 a 2 stage amplifier.

    I would like to know what are the exactly bias current that you used in your project IDq1 and IDq2 ?

    Did you use both are 500 ma ? Or the drive stage are smaller than the final stage ?

    I hope to be able to do it with the MAXREFDES39# to regulate the correct current (and voltage also) and adjust for temperature reducing the bias current.

    Please let-me know your opinion.


    Roque - PU2RQV