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    Robert, Ihave another question, related to using UDP for Tx from within OBS Studio to Pluto.

    I have a PC with a Nvidia GTX1050 GPU and I read on the forums that is possible to work H265 with the GPU from within OBS using RECORDING. But after completing the Recording parameters that I found on the AMSAT.DL forum and after clicking Start Recording I get the message 'Couldn't open UDP://'. Protocol not found. On the Pluto I have Evarist"s firmware v0.31. Does this firmware support UDP or do I have to install a patch form F5UII, please?

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    Rudy - ON6PY

    Robert - DD4YR, thank you for your quick reply which helped me a lot. Now that I knew that Minitioune's user interface doesn't allow you to set the voltage for the LNB, I was able to continue my search. And indeed, when I turned the LNB 90° I got to see the beacon. And when the supply voltage on the Minitioune Express is 18V, the LNB no longer needs to be turned. Thanks again for the tip.


    Hi guys,

    I have a problem in the same style:

    Some time ago, I successfully installed Minitioune V0_9_9_1j on a Win10 PC. I have now installed the same version on a second PC according to the document "Lire_Moi_minitioune V0991j.pdf". This PC has an Nvidia Geforce GTX1060 graphics card.

    After successful registration of with graphstudionext64_0_7_0_430 64bit.exe, when I run the program CheckMiniTiouneDriverAndFilters_V0_6a.exe, I get the message "ExceptionEZeroDivide in D3D9 .DLL module".

    And when I run MiniTioune_V0_9_9_1j, I get the error "DirectShow Start Error -> check your video.grf file.

    What could have gone wrong here?

    Big thanks.

    Rudy - ON6PY