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    hello all i have a problem with my adalm pluto.

    for some reason the pluto will not see the usb2 otg ethernet adaptor... i did have this working with no problems now this does not work no activity lights on the otg device when plugged into pluto..

    if i connect via usb it works on sdr console all ok..!

    what can be my problem please

    regards sean 2e0saf

    i was at 1.5mhz i have dropped it to 900khz and does seem to be more stable... what pc is recommended for sdr console..?

    i thought it was a i3 cpu with 16gb ddr3 ram its actually a i5 3470 @ 3.2 ghz with 8gb ram and windows 10 pro

    is that not fast enough

    i am experiencing a small issue whereas randomly the sdr console crashes for no apparent reason

    pc is a i3 cpu with 16gb ddr3 ram

    while im running the console what i can describe is the screen flashes goes black then comes back on but the gui is none responsive.. has anyone experienced a similar thing..

    thanks all

    regards sean

    hello all om/yl

    i am trying to figure out how to set the geo beacon freq to lock lnb.

    do i first look for the psk beacon and then open geostationary beacon and look for it on water fall.?

    if so the signal on waterfall is all they way to the extreme right and only just selectable...

    the screen on geostationary app is at full zoom out..

    beacon freq is at 10,489.750 MHz so i assume that is all correct

    any help please

    ok all i got my audio working.. what was wrong i have no idea i unplugged mic and replugged reset sdr console and hey presto.!! it works

    hello guys

    Firstly sorry for posting in the wrong place.

    And I thankyou for the help I shall read the information in the link

    Regards sean.

    P.s. im trying to find a supplier of the txco break out pcb then I can modify the pluto.

    Hello all om.

    i am new to the site so i do apologise if i have put this in the wrong section..!

    i have just purchased a pluto. i am using SDR console v 3.0.22 i have rx QO-100 but i cannot seem to get microphone audio to work..

    also i buy the pluto with no information do i need to supply vdc into the second socket on the pluto to enable transmitter..??

    any valueable information is appreciated indeed

    regards sean 2e0saf