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    Well done Dominique, many OM were waiting for this opportunity to receive the Dvbt in RB, my warmest congratulations! I would like to experiment your Easy DATV exclusively for Dvbt and it would also be very interesting if the same software could be written in Linux environment, perhaps to be installed on Raspi4 to obtain a very efficient receiver! I would be honored to be able to try it in combination with the Portsdown 4 suite, it could be integrated into this magnificent BATC Rtx Datv… I await your news. 73 de Luigi IZ7PDX

    Ok, sorry for not finding the issue earlier, i'll look into it. There are a few spots in the code that i could have overlooked. Is it just the FFT display? The actual reception should work if you rightclick and try to find the transponder by accident while only using the IQ plot. Not sure if you know what i mean. FFT is bugged, rest should work as is. I'm sure that i fixed the calculation of filter coefficients, so reception should be fine regardless.

    You are correct with 4295MHz. To be exact, the maximum frequency seems to be 2^32-1 (two to the power of 32), which is 4294967295Hz.

    Thanks for the reply and for your precious commitment. You are doing a fantastic job!

    I don't look at the waterfall, I tune the numerical frequency to tune.

    I await the correction with much hope and gratitude! 73 de Luigi IZ7PDX JN80ps

    This new version seems very stable, congratulations on a great job SWL - markro9 !

    I was hoping it could receive at 5700-5800 MHz but it was not possible.

    It only receives up to 4295 MHz then suddenly a signal completely absent on the spectrum! Why, it seems more a problem of calculation than of the sensitivity of the radio. I used two Adalm Pluto with F5OEO firmware both in Tx and Rx.

    Marcello congratulations for the promptness of your intervention and congratulations for the high quality of your work! I will try the new version as soon as I get home. Please update me on your new hardware adventure, I'm sure you have the right insights! If you have a PayPal email, I suggest you to publish it to ask for a contribution for your job search! 73 de Luigi IZ7PDX. 👏

    I would not want my request for more info to be forgotten! Why does the latest version of dvb-s_gui_amsat 2.0.18 receive and demodulate in DVBS2 only up to 2400 MHz and then the signals are not even displayed on the waterfall? I used simultaneously 2 Adalm Pluto devices both for transmission with OBS and for reception with dvb-s_gui. I also tried to invert the two Rx-Tx PCs. Intel i7 and i5 cpu. I look forward to a concrete answer, thank you! Luigi IZ7PDX.

    Dear Marcel , congratulations for your excellent work! I have been waiting for a long time for bandwidth expansion up to 6 ghz for reception with Adalm Pluto, I am happy. Unfortunately, however, after testing the sw 2.0.18 version with 2 Pluto hardware I can say with certainty that beyond 2400 mhz the spectrum does not display RF signals in the air although they are actually transmitted! I find your software very useful not only for the QO100, I use it for the heart DVBS2 DATV tx-rx tests. I also have the Minitiouner prov2 but it does not go beyond 13 cm so the DVBS2 Demod GUI remains a valid solution if it works well! I hope you can give me a quick answer. Thanks and 73 de Luigi IZ7PDX.