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    Hi, friends,

    I am getting crazy! :-(

    I have the Adam Pluto h/w Rev. D and the external PTT by F5UII.

    It is soldered in and with a firmware / patch combination I don't get to remember I testet it manually that it works successfully.

    What I don't have:

    1) Which firmware version / origin must I use to operate the external PTT with NB / sdr Console V.3?

    2) Where to get it from?

    3) Must I additionally make a special patch to get the PTT board in operation?

    4) Where to get it from?

    5) How to install it?

    Sorry for "aggressive" questioning but I really looked up every bloody corner of the internet without coming across real / working / answers / hints.

    Many thanks and 73's



    in my shack two modified Amsat LNBs are awaiting practical testing which I bought some month ago.

    One of the connectors (the one towards the feed horn) is marked with a blue pencil.

    I would assume that is the WB connector with the external clock?

    Is that right?

    73 Manuel

    Hallo Manuel,

    google mal bei ebay nach 6dB Attenuator 10W, da gibt es viele Angebote für solche Dämpfungsglieder bis 3 bzw 4 GHz. Oder selber bauen.

    73 Wilhelm

    Joh danke, schon gefunden, aber mich hat denn die Geschichte mit den Spikes bis 60W jetzt auch bange gemacht. Hab inzwischen das coole Konzept von DD1US gefunden. Er hat da ja auch einen Limited drin, der die anfangen soll.

    Hi Gents,

    I am still looking for a simple solution to bring down my TS-2000s TX power from 5 to 1 W for the Amsat-UpCon6W and did not yet find one nor feasible links.

    Can someone help?

    Hallo Freunde,

    ich suche immer noch nach einer einfachen Lösung zur Bedämpfung meiner TS-2000 von 5 -> 1 W beim Senden Richtung Amat-UpCon6W und hab noch nix gefunden, auch keinen funktionierenden Link.

    Kann jemand helfen?

    LG & 73 Manuel