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    Wer mit 2ppm LO stabilität ( -10....+60°C ) und output auf 70cm band zufrieden ist , findet SSB single LNB am HamRadio 2019 stand D039 in Halle3.

    JA Flo , es ist möglich ( wie du in OE7 forum sehen kannst ...Beitrag 21.11.2017 )

    aber das sollst du selber oder jemand andere mit guten SMD löt kentnisen machen.

    Danach hast in SSB-CW mode über 1,5W output ....BU500 braucht aber auch zusätzlich ein kleines Lüfter.

    13cm UP converter for all modes of operation, here are a few tests and pictures. Version v6 just in the market.....

    New version of already known BU500 is ready for deliver at HiDes.

    ....and so looks from already installed in housing with heat sink

    What has been improved compared to the last Version ?

    1. Schönere HF Spectrum - bessere LO Freq. Unterdrückung Nicer HF Spectrum - better LO Freq. suppression
    2. Höhere Ausgangsleistung , bis 2W in SSB mode Higher output power, up to 2W in SSB mode
    3. Höhere IF Input Leistung 100mW higher IF Input power 100mW now
    4. Externe 10MHz Clock Input
    5. Verpolungsschutz Reverse polarity protection
    6. Betriebsspannung wurde erhöht, Schaltnetzteil ausgetauscht Operating voltage has been increased, Switching power supply replaced

    1W - Output spectrum with 70cm IF input Signal and LO freq. 1968,0 MHz( with 70cm and 23cm IF no necessary Bandpass Filter between UPconverter and PA )  

    LO signal on the output port... with 2m 70cm and 23cm IF input signal

    More output power....

    Higher attenuation value built-in to allow higher IF input power...

    Input port for extern 10MHz Clock signal...        ....and how can I switch from internal TCXO to external 10MHz clock signal ?


    Input: 100MHz......1350MHz version 100mW for SSB and -15dBm for ATV

    Output: 2365MHz.....2500MHz SSB up to 2W DATV 200mW

    Local Oscilator: free programable in 1kHz step 1050MHz....2600MHz TK2ppm ( -20°..... +70°C )

    Vcc: 9V....16V max. 1Amper

    Tested by OE7DBH

    Available on the fair Ham Radio 2019 in Friedrichshafen-Germany , hall 3 table D039

    Hi Guys , here is Darko OE7DBH from cold Tirol, today....

    I'm not running the beacon. I have parked my both antenna at 26 ° and wait until the right HamRadio beacon come...

    Currently received spectrum looks like this.....

    I use Octagon LNB with LOfrequency at 10.057291 GHz.

    Later, i want to receive signals with FT790R.

    LNB IF according to that looks currently still so clean.

    Good DX wishes you OE7DBH

    .....translated with Google !