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    SWL-thorens : i fixed some issues with the FFT plot,could be resolved in the next version. Could i have your test file? maybe truncate it to a few seconds of data.

    I support Pilots on/off and also dummy frames.

    Edit: Okay, found a major bug looking at the code, i'm dividing the floats by 32768, instead of multiplying with 32768. should be easy to fix. now you know the workaround :D I actually didn't test the F32 stuff, but you could also use signed 16bit.

    Thanks for the swift reply, converting to int16 definitely helped, perfect constellation in place :)

    So, an update on higher symbol rates, no luck with QPSK 9/10 on 27500 and 29500 MSym/s samples. Constellation looks noisy and nothing seems to be succesfully decoded although there are locks sometime.
    Any advice what could be better tweaked? Also, is there a frequency offset debug info hidden somewhere?

    Ok, very good :) nice CPU. Maybe i should upgrade, too. Still have a good old Haswell CPU (5820K).

    In this case, i really think 30MSym/s should also be doable. Thanks for the feedback :)

    Which SDR are you using by the way?

    Edit: Intel says you have a Mobile CPU? is that true? I feel my PC is running on a potato right now :D

    Will try with 30 MSym/s and let you know the results :)

    The samples were recorded with Ettus X310 (UBX-160).
    Tried with limeSDR mini but hit a lot of walls (may try again connected directly to this software).

    As per the CPU, well my Dell laptop is mobile if that's what they're referring to :D

    You can save the output by clicking on the 'File' button in the 'Network / Network' section. It will ask you for a location and filename.

    Alternatively, streaming is right below that. UDP / TCP are supported. VLC URLs are for example for UDP: udp://@:8888 or for TCP: tcp://

    Got it! It confused me that it didn't start saving to file until I click on it while the acquisition is running.
    (And streaming works as well).
    Thank you, awesome work! :)

    Great, thank you for the fast reply!

    I seem to get a lock and the channels are read, so I suppose it's doing quite alright with this symbol and sample rate :)

    However VLC reads nothing on the 8888 port. Can I somehow save the ts output to file?

    Hi SWL - markro92,

    First I would like to commend you on the application, seems quite a lot of work you invested in there!
    I'd like to try it out with recorded DVB-S2 SAT-TV signal (usually 22-29,7 MSym/s).

    I have the raw I/Q sample files and feed them to the app via simple TCP server python application.

    However, the app stops at 20 MSym/s setting so no luck there.

    Is it possible you can expand that setting up to 30 MSym/s?