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    Your idea worked, I moved the feed as shown in your diagram and now the SWR LED is green. I had to remove the SMA jack for 10ghz to enable the 2.4 ghz feed to be properly fitted.

    But now another problem, I'm not seeing my signal on the web SDR downlink. I have ample power and we know the dish is pointed correctly since I see the beacons and other stations. Am I possibly transmitting on the wrong frequency? My FT-817ND is on 432.2 mhz, the LO of the transverter is 1968 mhz, so I should be transmitting on 2400.2 mhz. An uplink of 2400.2 mhz should produce a downlink signal at 10489.7mhz, correct? Or am I miscalculating something?

    73, Bill


    I have been listening to QO-100 for the past couple of weeks and today wanted to give transmitting a try. At the moment, I do not have a second dish or other means of doing TX and RX at the same time, so I removed the RX LNB from the dish mount and inserted a POTY in its place. When the PTT was engaged, the SWR LED on the transverter shined red, which means the SWR was too high.

    I experimented for awhile and the SWR LED turned green (low SWR) whenever the POTY was removed from the dish mount and pointed straight up into the year. But I could not get the LED to turn green with the POTY mounted on the dish. I tried moving the POTY in and out and side to side, also tried a different coax cable, no joy. I have two POTYs and tried the other one, same result.

    Any advice on what I need to do to get the POTY mounted properly on the dish with low SWR? I do not have an SWR meter that works at 2.4ghz or much else in the way of test equipment.

    Thanks for any thoughts and 73,

    Bill OM3BD


    I have been active on the ham sats for many years but am new to QO-100. My friend had to leave Slovakia on business and he gave me a box that he says has everything I need to operate on QO-100 except for the dish, which I have on order. He says it is similar to the DL3DCW setup as described in the thread in this forum: NB Station for Es'hail-2.

    So I've configured the rx side except for the dish and it seems to be working, but I have some questions:

    1) The SDR tunes from 10.079-.080 ghz, is there any reason for this setting? I know the downlink is 10489.550-.800 ghz and I can change it to there, but before I do just would like to make sure that is what I should do.

    2) The Nano Three came plugged into a Y connector with a serial port on the other side of the Y (see attached photo). Is it supposed to be that way and, if yes, what attaches to the serial port? The DL3DCW setup has no serial port and no Y connector, the Nano plugs directly to the Raspberry.

    3) Every time I start the program, I get the "problems with the current configuration" message shown in the attachment. Everything seems to be working OK, not sure what this message means. Is it something to worry about?

    Thanks much for any info. I'm sure I'll have more questions when I try to configure the tx side.

    73, Bill OM3BD/NZ5N