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    Hi Jerry... thanks!

    The led bar is full on the upconverter and current is about 7 ampere with PTT is ON. I have a special permit from the postal authority (PTS) Sweden with 1.5 watt output on the dish. Here in sweden normally only 100mW are allowed!

    Hi Robert... thanks!

    I connected the upconverter to the dish with a piece of coaxial cable (1m). Measurement cable from the 6GHz spectrum analyzer! Return loss is 20 to 25 db with the feed and helix antenna. In terms of measurement technology, I have no abnormalities here. All measured values were normal!

    До свидания и оставайтесь здоровыми!

    Hello Thomas...

    the QO-100 has the uplink at 13cm with a dish and he has a 3cm downlink with a dish ... right?

    The illumination/footprint on 3cm is not the same as on 13cm because there are always technical deviations.

    It's about the edge zone and the sensitivity of the uplink of the QO-100!

    Wouldn't it be possible that the sensitivity of the uplink in the marginal zone is not the same everywhere or that there are deviations in the calculation and simulation?

    My question is there any practical experience or test results from the AMAST with the footprint here in the north of 13cm?

    Calculations and simulations are one thing. The practice on site can look completely different again.

    Please don't get me wrong ... I'm just saying, what if?

    I have the above problem and I am looking for answers and a solution ...

    I ask myself the question... where are the 20db from my station on the QO-100???


    I have a problem here ... I've been trying to connect to the QO-100 for 4 weeks!!!!

    I tested with 1 to 20 watts (Kuhne UP2424B) and a 90cm satellite dish (CAS90 - Kathrein).

    I can only get over the QO-100 with a very very weak signal! Not even max 0.5-1db above the noise only with 20watts on the . You can only see the signal with a dish larger than 120cm!

    I got the same result with a DuoBand-Feed 2.4 / 2 x 10 GHz from BaMaTech and a Helix antenna with 5 turns.

    I also tested the upconverter UP2424B directly on the feed with a 1 meter cable! Always the same result!

    I have a clear view to the satellite! I receive the CW-beacons here with S9 + 4 dB!

    Are there any active stations with the same equipment here in the north or further north of me in SM, OH, LA, UA? Who has similar observations or problems here in my direction?

    My Locator is JP94UX !

    I have checked the transceiver, cables and antennas and had the UP converter checked by Kuhne electronic in Germany.

    At the moment I'm at a loss! I do not know how to continue... !?!?!

    I hope the problem is not the illumination in the TX-uplink here at my location!

    The picture of my station in the appendix...

    Note! You can answer/contact me here in English or directly via email in German! Thank you in advance!