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    Hello Robert DD4YR and GOMJW,

    Thanks for the reply ! Sorry for my late answer.

    I have not yet installed the F4OEO firmware, but I have downloaded 2 versions as per below:

    So if the beta version of february 5 is outdated , I think I am missing something there.

    Could you tell me about where to find the correct actual version of the "brave" - edition that works with AD31 and AD32 ?

    I am quit new in this matter, and I don't find things easy yet?

    GOMJW, was your AD version the 031 that you have started from ?

    Thanks a lot for your reply,

    ON7TU - Lucien

    Hello all,

    I am also intended to load the beta for brave version of the DATV firmware to the Pluto. I have actually the original 032 version running on the Pluto. Is is really needed to have the 031 version re installed before I can go for the beta for brave firmware ? I have not seen comments on this so far as I know ?

    Thanks for any reply,

    ON7TU , Lucien