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    Hi Dominique,

    Thanks for the reply,

    All latest drivers and libiio were installed. I also work since longer time with the ethernet set-up as per your sketch in the tutorial for DATV Easy 1.25. With the FreeStreamCoder I have no problems with connection to the Pluto. All works fine with F5OEO soft version 0303.

    Maybe I have to go down to an earlier version of the F5OEO soft, but first thing will be to test with the original firmware v031. According to other OM,there seems not to be any problem with this configuration,.

    Thanks again for your fantastic work .

    Hello Dominique,

    Thanks a lot for this beautyfull piece of software. I am using already some time FreeStreamcoder latest version, and it works also great with my Pluto over ethernet.

    I have the same question 2EOILY regarding the left green LED, wich indicates the connection with pluto. At start-up the left LED light up, but after some seconds it stops lighting, the right LED for the ffmpeg is complete OK. I see also that the PTT Pluto output GPO-0 output LED in the PTT/Monitoring screen is not lighting up. I would be grateful if you could give me some advise about what I am maybe doing wrong. I work with the F5OEO firmware v 0303.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    ON7TU, Lucien

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks a lot for your assistance !!

    This topic looks very interesting, and I will of course make a test with FreeStreamCoder.

    It seems that also the LinkPi encoder is an interesting H265 box in which one can also reduce Audio bitrate lower then 32.

    I saw you are also using this box.

    73 ON7TU


    Hello guys good afternoon,

    I am trying to record H265 video content with OBS and ffmpeg.

    I have read the following thread from DL9SEC :

    To work around this, the UDP stream is not sent to the Pluto directly, but to a local FFMPEG instance running which transcodes the stream from H.264 to H.265, downscales audio (thanks to G0MJW for the hint) and send another UDP stream to the Pluto.


    The FFMPEG instance runs in a console window here with the following parameters:

    ffmpeg -i "udp://localhost:7272" -vcodec libx265 -crf 33 -preset superfast -b:v 40k -acodec ac3_fixed -strict experimental -b:a 12k -ar 12000 -vf scale=384:-2:flags=lanczos -r 12 -f mpegts "udp://"

    As I am not at all familiar with ffmpeg, I would like to know how to create the ffmpeg instance mentionned. What I mean : how must it be put into localhost? As a file , batch file ?

    I have ffmpeg running in Windows Power shell.

    Right now I am working trough OBS with the libx265 encoder from ffmpeg but I want to try to reduce the audio bitrate

    Thanks a lot for any help.

    ON7TU Lucien

    Hello Robert DD4YR and GOMJW,

    Thanks for the reply ! Sorry for my late answer.

    I have not yet installed the F4OEO firmware, but I have downloaded 2 versions as per below:

    So if the beta version of february 5 is outdated , I think I am missing something there.

    Could you tell me about where to find the correct actual version of the "brave" - edition that works with AD31 and AD32 ?

    I am quit new in this matter, and I don't find things easy yet?

    GOMJW, was your AD version the 031 that you have started from ?

    Thanks a lot for your reply,

    ON7TU - Lucien

    Hello all,

    I am also intended to load the beta for brave version of the DATV firmware to the Pluto. I have actually the original 032 version running on the Pluto. Is is really needed to have the 031 version re installed before I can go for the beta for brave firmware ? I have not seen comments on this so far as I know ?

    Thanks for any reply,

    ON7TU , Lucien